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HA! Joss Whedon is making an appearance? Hell yeah. Everyone loves Abby. They all want her for her divorce stuff. Meanwhile, Jake is sending her package pics.

Delia shows the girls her ring. Everyone is absolutely surprised. Gordon wants it and she wants him. Who says marriage needs to be one size fits all?

When Phoebe goes to get her kids, she discovers "Ms. Wingo" has a restraining order and Phoebe isn't allowed into the building until she leaves.

Abby is making a collage, and Jo reminds her it's 2015 and there's Pinterest.

Jake arrives, pretending there's a really important thing they need to talk about. He pulls her into a passionate kiss. Becca calls, but they go down to the car and start to fuck in the car anyway. Then it starts roll down the hill. Whoops.

Delia has coffee for Gordon, as well as news about wanting an audience with him. She wants to elope. He'll be fine.

Phoebe is chatting with the attorney at Delia's office. She cannot believe she's being sued and wants to find other girls she did this to as a way to fight it.

Max wants to take a job in Philly. Max wonders if Jake told Abby about pregnant Becca yet.

Jo's new vegan chef is skint and a sex addict. Jo, meanwhile, wants to build a second story onto the house so they can live like it takes a village.

The girls are out to meet Gordon. They approve. Abby gets a call from Will before Delia arrives but after they learn she wants to elope.

Although Abby said she was seeing Will, she was knocking boots with Jake. Abby gets a call from Will, and she admits she didn't tell him the true story. Jake says she should try to drag it out and break his heart.

Delia is at the office getting her ring when Albert says Gordon knows what he wants. He's going to put baby into her before she has a chance to come to her senses.

Phoebe goes to see Marco, but he smells booze on her and wants nothing to do with her.

When Gordon tells Delia he wants a giant wedding and to see Delia in a gorgeous dress, she kind of goes nuts.

Jake visits Becca on set. She has a guy named Peyton with her. He's running the new X-Men. He knows all about the baby and is helping her with the pregnancy. She wants to let Jake know he's off the hook. Jake doesn't look like he feels off the hook.

Abby arrives home to a press conference in her kitchen. That results in her asking for her friend and Zoey asking to move out eventually. That doesn't go over well.

Will calls. Again.

Abby presents as SheShe, and while she presents, Barbara, who would be her managing editor, gets up and leaves the room. Crazy, sexy fun after divorce isn't her thing. But they'll still have Abby! Awkward.

Zoey is moving back with her dad.

Delia gets Gordon a little Groomzilla with the number of a wedding planner. She'll show up anytime as long as she doesn't have to make decisions.

At school, Phoebe has put a letter in the school paper about protecting your kids from working too young so they don't get taken advantage. Kori (or whatever her name is) is appalled and starts to make threats. Phoebe is happy to say it all, especially in front of a judge. Kori storms away.

Barbara's post divorce life looks like shit. That's why she's not at all interested in the way Abby sees it. She won't even let Abby call her Barbara. Ms. Sawyer it will be. She even put up a pretend door and shut it.

Kori dropped the charges.

Abby meets Will. He just wants to feel her up and get his freak on. She tries to talk, but that's not going to happen.

While they're doing that in the alley, Becca calls Jake. She's keeping the baby.

Meanwhile, Will finishes and angrily tells off Abby for pushing him away and lying to him. She says she owes it to her family to try. He gives her and Jake a month or two before Jake is sucking her dry again. He says she has no idea how rare they were. He loves her and would have done anything for her.

Abby is later crying on the bed when Jake arrives. She wants him to hold her. They're going to do it right this time, right? Absolutely. Neither of them shares the large secrets they are holding.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Secrets kill, Jake. Secrets kill.


Jake: You know, at a certain point, we're actually going to have to talk about what's going on here.
Abby: I know. Can't we just keep it secret and delicious for now?
Jake: So I want to talk about our relationship and you don't. We are truly Jake and Abby 2.0.