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Abby and Will decide to celebrate her divorce. Perhaps a trip to Baja?

Max is flirting with the Getty guy at the coffee shop. Are things better? Not so much if the conversation is anything to judge by.

Phoebe goes to school and discovers Kori taking photos of the kids at school for the yearbook. She's not pleased to see her taking photos of her kids. So she blatantly asks Phoebe's kids to stand by so she can take more photos.

Abby discovers she's being thrown an impromptu divorce party.

Abby gets a book deal! 

Jo is having problems with Zooey. It's great.

Delia is offered a partnership but it's without the same terms as a man with less seniority and fewer billables in the last year.

Things aren't going well with Jo and the therapist. She doesn't want to the parents to be blamed.

As Max heads out to his dinner with Getty, Ford is visibly upset.

Abby calls Jake so they can sign the papers together. She's crying. The moment is more than she can take.

Marco went to Abby's house because he was worried. Phoebe tells Abby her and Kori did some really bad things back in the day. Phoebe is worried Kori will spin things and make her look crazy. Abby wants her to go in and explain things to the school. When Abby says they have her back, Phoebe says it's the first time anyone has ever said that to her.

Delia wants to counter Gordon's offer. She makes a statement about relationships getting stale. She's worried if they marry, they'll take each other for granted. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but not as man and wife. He is a traditional guy. He wants the whole world to know they belong to each other. She says it's his way or the highway, not realizing it's also her way or the highway.

Jo doesn't want Zooey to visit her father, as she feels abandoned. She blames Abby for everything since she suggested they try therapy.

Abby and Jake meet for their paper signing. They decide to drink first. They talk about their first date. Jo and Frumkis were there. They're avoiding and torturing themselves, talking about old times.  

Phoebe shares with Marco her story about Kori. Phoebe was 14 and Kori took advantage of her and even documented the entire thing.

The whole Joseph Gordon Levitt thing ended up working in an odd way with Jake, and he's off to Latvia. Abby cries when she realizes everything is changing. They hug. Jake wonders if they should try again, to be Jake and Abby 2.0. She doesn't take it very well.

Abby loses it, screaming at Jake for ruining their lives, giving up on them. He counters, reminding her there is no handbook for marriage. After going back to her divorce party and paintballing her wedding dress, she realizes 2.0 CAN happen.

Phoebe learns Kori is pressing charges.

The paintballing inspires Delia to accept Gordon's proposal.

Becca has been calling Jake because she's pregnant. But she broke up with him because he knows he's not over Abby.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Fine. Celebrate me. But I am official against it and refuse to enjoy it.


Jake: Hey you, awesome divorce.
Abby: We kicked divorce ass!