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We pick up right where the first episode left off. Zoey just saw Abby and Jake. He wants to tell everyone. She doesn't. She can't tell people they are still married. She needs something under her feet that is not shifting. 

Jo is snarky and pissed at everyone. 

Before she leaves, Zoey wants to talk Abby before she leaves. She tells Abby the kids can't know. They've been through this too many times. She'll be back in two weeks.

Delia and Gordon talk about an engagement party. A few dozen of their friends.

Someone at school asks Phoebe to speak at their economics class about her child labor.

At Jake's place, Abby and Jake wind up working too much rather than sexing. They should go to the place with the little sundaes. But she has a meeting with Barbara to pitch divorce stories.

Jo's baker, Scott, has a new thing, but it's piled high with butter. She freaks. They're vegan.

Albert has bad news for Delia. Some dude is dead. He didn't sign the divorce agreement before he died. Delia had worked on it for a year before she died.

Ford doesn't play basketball with Jake. He's hired a manny to do it. Weird. He freaks on Jake for not telling Abby about Becca's pregnancy.

Meanwhile, at SheShe, Abby is learning what her job is going to entail.

Delia's trip to the wedding planner goes terribly and I don't blame her one flipping bit.

Jo and Scott fight over vegan vegeray.

Jake and Becca also argue over the baby.

Delia gets a wedding look book from Jonathan's place. She won't look, but Albert opens it. Feathers, aerialists, pandas.

Phoebe gets home and Marco is acting a little weird. He starts tossing her stuff out of her bag and onto the floor, then he insults her about not going to high school. She wonders if he has been drinking. He's been drinking. He won't call his sponsor and curls up on the bed.

Abby and Jake are outside somewhere and flashes start going off. Abby runs off thinking she has been recognized. Instead there was another woman behind her. Whoops.

Jake and Abby argue about each other. He is angry that she's lying about them, but he fails to admit he's been lying to her. Which is worse?

Marco and Phoebe meet at the coffee shop. He's been in meetings all day. He can't do it anymore. He's struggling. 

Joe's bakery is opening. They go with both vegan and non vegan. Immediately a guy in the crowd questions Scott's brilliance. Jo tells him to screw off.

Abby and Jo have a moment. Jo realizes it's the Abby Show all over again. Where she pretends she's happy, or single or a good friend.

Jake Abby have an argument. He wants her. Does she want him?

Gordon books an appointment with Delia.

Jo moves out and into the apartment across from Jake.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

They know that we're going through a transition. For example, I'm going through a transition into a guy who is not wearing pants.


Do not touch Scott's Twinkie. I'm serious.