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Jake and Abby are still full steam ahead, and in intense honesty mode, except she's not sharing the full details about her job and he's holding back about the baby.

Jo is bored in her new apartment life and misses Zoey. 

Gordon is going to get upset if Delia keeps saying how little the wedding means to her. 

Jake takes Lilly for her driver's test and her learning about her parents being together leads to Jake telling Abby about Becca. Unfortunately, he lies to her about just finding out. 

While Delia and Gordon are with his mother, Delia begins to text with work. His mother notices. Delia says it's a legal 911 and leaves.

Dr. Harris is incredibly personable, and he and Abby get along really well.

Delia was offended by Gordon's mother trying to connect with her through all things Persian, including rugs and pistachios.

Abby starts to cry on her date after she tells Dr. Harris she just needs to roll with the sucker punches. She's not taking the pregnancy well at all, and the date was terribly timed.

Delia gets pissed at Phoebe for inviting the Benai's of Valencia to her engagement party and then says something about Marco doing her a favor by leaving before Delia had to do another divorce for her.

Jo is playing with her Tinder boys. 

Oy. Abby is very excited Jake came directly to her with the Becca news and didn't wait until after the fact or until he absolutely had to like he did in the past. He wants to come clean, but she shares that she slept with Will, and he thinks that makes them even. They wipe the slate clean.

Abby and Jo strike up an argument.

Delia continues to insult Phoebe at the engagement party.

Gordon's mother gives Delia a Turma, a traditional part of the wedding, usually given to the bride by her mother. Delia cracks. Phoebe tells her how proud she is of her.

In the meantime, Jo's date is dropping trou on top of the shrimp table.

Ford comes to the party and spills the timing of Jake's news to Abby. Abby goes to Jake's. They argue.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Jake: How do you know Dr. Harris?
Abby: Which doctor? Who?
Jake: No, not Doctor Who. I wish.

Abby: The night that I broke up with Will, after you and I were back together, things got physical.
Jake: ! He hit you?? [silence] Oh, no. The other kind of physical. OK.