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Girlfriends' Guide to Freedom

It's hard to remember there is a new title to the show!

Jo can't even run the bakery without Scott. Zooey decides she's taking a sick day. They're going to the bakery and baking their asses off.

Have we ever seen Phoebe's kids? They're lovely and going camping with Phoebe and JD.

Phoebe's daughter's name is Anouk?

Melissa wants Abby to write a romance novel. Seventy percent of the publishing industry? Dang.

Phoebe has a room or something where she's spending thousands and bragging because it's tax deductible. That's not all it's cracked up to be.

Delia has her first date that isn't her boss or a client. She considers that personal growth.

Barbara wants to go to a sports bar and asks Abby to be her wingwoman. Abby was married to a man but has never been to a sports bar. Le Sigh.

Jo and Zooey do a good day's work at the bakery, but it goes south when Ethan says they have a wedding cake tasting tomorrow.

Abby's wingwoman skills bring by Coach Mike Brady, former Kansas City Royals pro baller, to the table and Barbara likes him.

Delia has her hands full with Ronnie, who is caught in a cast of his own making.

Delia puts the loft on lockdown. How she can be sure they haven't already instagramed the moment is beyond me.

While camping, Phoebe's daughter is in the tent texting. When everyone else jumped in the tent at a possible bear sighting, some of the stress is relieved.

Phoebe really gets off on being good kids and good parents.

Jo fails at her cake bake.

Abby fails at being a friend. She insults Barbara's weight by way of eating fries and whether or not Mike would even go for a woman like Barbara.

If it's even possible, it gets uglier from there. Back inside, she wonders why Mike is so mean to her. Then discovers he paid their bill.

Camping, Phoebe is excited to see Anuk had her period. Her first! Not.

Abby goes to Barbara's in the morning to apologize. Barbara isn't alone. And Abby still thinks that's something to judge, as well.

The bride loves the cake and wants to thank Scott personally. She can't, though, because there is no Scott. Jo crumbles like a cake in front of the bride-to-be.

Abby goes to see Coach Mike to apologize. Mike says 2-8 did really well at practice and Abby offers to help him rake.

Phoebe is maudlin about missing her window to parent.

Jo and Delia talk about Scott, Ronnie and all things.

For some reason, Frumkis knocks on the door, a big smile on his face.

Abby is using her encounters with Coah Mike to write her sex book. When even spitting sunflower seeds becomes a sexual thing. My name is Delilah.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Not bad for today's work. Who knew two tiny broads could give the baking whisperer a run for his money.


To me, a night out on the town includes me on lying the couch watching Ben Affleck *in* The Town.