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Delia, Phoebe and Jo arrive at The Whitley in Palm Springs. Abby drove alone and is still in traffic.

Frumpkis broke out of rehab because he thought he was better after two weeks after juice cleanses.

Oh, Abby is in Bakersfield with the kid. They made regionals. The gals realize she has a thing for the coach.

At the Whitley, they see the place is filled with Cher fans. Except Gordon.

And Phoebe's credit card is over the limit. She can't check in.

Abby runs into Coach and he drops stuff everywhere. She offers help to him about divorce. He doesn't much appreciate it.

Delia is worried Gordon is there with another woman, but it seems more likely he's there with another man.

Phoebe is all for leaving, but she won't confide in her friends why the eagerness has taken hold.

Abby starts making friends with the other baseball moms.

The trio of ladies are making friends with the gays when they find out Jo is surveilling Frump.

The gays want to be Jo's new best friend.

Abby has to pee really bad and it seems like something bad is going to happen.

Abby runs to the porta potty but didn't want to use it. So she crouches in front of her car and pees. At the exact time Coach Mike happens by.

Coach blames Abby for his being ejected from the game. He says she made the umpire all hot and bothered and proceeds to spit a sunflower seed on her chest.

At the hotel, Phoebe is signing for drinks under other people's rooms and Delia needs to go see Gordon because seeing him is driving her nuts.

Nobody knows where Phoebe is because she's been sleeping outside in a hammock.

The sprinkler wakes her up and she meets a woman named Gemma. Gemma is a collector. She wants Phoebe to join her and her friends for the concert. They have laminates. They also leave her luggage by the pool.

Phoebe decides to buy a $3800 dress to try to snag Gemma Socko as her client. She's so embarrasingly stupid it's kind of hard to bear.

Abby shares the news of booze in water bottles and Jo knows where the booze is. But Frump passes the test.

Abby and Coach meet in the laundry room. They cross the line.

While Delia and one of the Sonnys are talking, Gordon shows up and Cher takes Sonny's advice. She makes him spill his drink and she's close to weeping. As a very sexy Cher.

The outfit gets to him. He asks her to breakfast.

Jo is boning one of the guys, he's bi, and she stops watching her video just as Zooey freaks a bit.

Phoebe drags in at 6am, having spent all night with the party girl. She's going to fly home in her helicopter. Quite the lifestyle upgrade. Delia is disgusted.

When Delia is biking, she narrowly avoids an accident and gets a CUI. She calls Gordona and they have their talk outside the police station.

He accepts her apology, believing she didn't mean to hurt him, but he was hurt so badly that he can never trust her again. The pain is too great. He'll love her forever and wishes for her to just keep moving if they ever see each other again.

When Phoebe dances into the lobby to catch the helicopter, she discovers she's been booted for the dog.

Phoebe keeps up the lies about Gemma to keep up the lies about herself.

Coach Mike decides that he likes Abby (not two eight's mom) because their slump turned into a major victory. She thinks they should keep it at they always had Bakersfield. He disagrees.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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