The Last Game - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Mike and Abby did the deed, in her head, anyway. This whole romance novel thing is getting in the way of my real life!

Meanwhile, he's blowing up her phone with texts wondering if she's pissed at him.

Lilly and Ethan are texting like crazy, despite what Zooey told Lilly about her not being Ethan's type.

When Lilly makes the varsity debater team, she gets a fist bump from Ethan, and he goes back to texting.

The girls get together and chat.

Mike shows up at Abby's house. It doesn't go well.

Lilly tells Abby that Zooey has been harassing her on Snapchat and other places, being really mean.

Mitchell is freaking out about the lawsuit and the request that they have to increase revenue. Barbara has an idea.

Gemma is joining Phoebe and JD for dinner to "merge."

Jo laughs off whatever is between Lilly and Zooey.

At the game, Colette Brady makes her first appearance of the season. She's perfect.

Delia heads over to Ronnie's for a discussion. He's in studded underwear and his ex is in a teddy. They're getting back together.

Abby and Jo argue over their kids when Zooey thorws Lilly to the floor. They make up when they realize how similar it is to their past.

Dinner with Gemma goes well, except for the part when Phoebe is wishy washy about JD's work.

Barbara and Abby talk about Mike and what Mitchell does at work.

Zooey has major issues, and she blames Jo.

Delia forced the issue of Ronnie's divorce.

When Mitchell says the company is moving forward on her idea and she got all the credit, she's tickled, until he says she's going to have to wait on her raise. So she quits.

Mike is moving out and Abby is moving back in.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Barbara: Sex tape. Makes Kardashian look bush league.
Delia: Or no bush league. HA.

Abby: I always want to hear your life story. I made your life, with my body.
Lilly: Gross.

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