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Abby definitely brought Bakersfield back to LA.

They're carrying on in private to keep the other parents from it becoming a thing.

Frump has an idea to perk up business. Host AA meetings.

Phoebe is hanging on Gemma's arm as her plus one.

Barbara is cooking up a storm. Her kid, Jordan, thinks he's funny denouncing her cooking.

Abby discovers she doesn't fit in with the moms at the games. She pretends she's unphased, but she's not.

The ladies all gather to talk about their recent excitement.

Phoebe talks Barbara into having a dude look at her kitchen. He's late and insults her place. When Ethan doesn't see Zooey, Jo gives her some pointers on being bold.

Abby throws a baseball party to be closer to Mike and win over the moms.

Abby and Mike go back to the laundry room for a good time and Linda walks into it, thinking it's the bathroom.

Mike is freaked out, not only because it could have feen one of their kids.

Daryl and Barbara do not see eye to eye on her kitchen remodel. Barbara kicks Phoebe out.

Any hope for Linda's friendship is over. Abby forgets it's likely they all knew his wife.

Abby wanted to set the romance novel in the baseball novel to make it the smart woman's romance novel.

Delia is trying to keep a felony and 120 hours of community service off of her record.

When they get home, Frumpkis has an empty bottle of booze at his side and he's knocked out on the ground. Jo even calls him Robert.

It's from Linda Abby hears that Mike has been living with Colette, his wife, and that the other ladies have been talking about Abby and Mike a lot.

Phoebe is blowing up her marriage. Daryl has an epiphany about another client.

Barbara asks him out on a date.

Mike texts Abby, but she's unsure of what to do next.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Abby: This is fun. I like keeping secrets with you.
Mike: I like a lot of things with you.

Mike: I'll see you at pickup?
Abby: Yeah. Will you be mean to be again in front of other people, because that is so hot.