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Mike has a surprise for Abby. His new place!!

Barbara had an interview but didn't get the job.

Phoebe and JD are packing for Gemma's when he learns she hired back the nanny.

The girls gather for a bookreading. THEY LOVE IT.

Abby's editor loves it. But not the baseball. She wants Abby to change it.

While on a double date, Barbara lets slide the subjects of Abby's book.

Mike also gets a text from the ex about kid stuff and family drama. 

Barbara and Daryl are a much better match.

Jo checks out the new workout to let out aggression that will make her less of an asshole.

Barbara lets the next interviewers have it.

Abby's rewrites are going terribly.

Barbara thanks Abby for coming along and rubbing her entitlement off on her, because without her, she wouldn't have gotten the job.

But now she's working for an in-flight magazine!!!

Barbara's first day at work finds her crowded into an office with 2x2 cubicles and on the spot for helping to bring the in-flight magazine out of the flights!

Albert fixed the situation for Delia. No more legal aid. He offers up a bottle of 18-year-old scotch so they can catch up.

Abby cannot believe Mike slept at home for the last couple nights and that's why he was incommunicado.

Phoebe take a job as Gemma's art ambassador or something.

Meanwhile, JD has always wanted to try a drug, so he does Molly.

When some girl comes up and says she can't wait to get his pants off later, he just laughs. Gemma steps in to stop Phoebe from stopping him from partaking in group sex. He just says, When in Rome!

Phoebe gets angry when JD tries to blend in. He's angry about Gemma and what's happening with Phoebe in her presence. Phoebe tries to slough it off again.

Abby says goodbye to Mike. Once she gets home, she decides she doesn't want to wait anymore and leaves again.

Jo is fighting and in her element. The person she's fighting? Albert.

Delia realizes she likes doing legal aid work and decides to continue.

JD leaves Gemma's. Phoebe opts not to come with him.

Abby runs to Barbara's house. She wants to start a website with Barbara. Lady Parts. A site for real women with real issues with all the issues.



Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You goddamned bitch. You are going to be the next EL James!


Do not sign anything. I have a client. She is suing her gym. They will not let her out of her contract. Yes. I am fighting the fights that really matter.