Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Run Toward What Scares You

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Finally!! Paths like those taken on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 7 are what I've been waiting for a long time.

The ladies on GG2D don't always make the best decisions, as they're often driven by their hearts instead of what's best for them.

For the first time in a very long time, we see the majority of them taking into consideration all the factors and making great choices as a result.

Guess Your Surprise - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 7

Abby and Mike weren't meant to be. We always knew that, right?

We watched the many stages of grief Abby went through as she and Jake felt their way through separation and divorce and it was impossible for either of them to fully commit to another relationship in the process.

Mike couldn't even commit to a single night out with Abby even when there was another couple involved. That was kind of humiliating in its own right, but also added to the pile of red flags thrown on the relationship.

Work itself out? Abby, your are dating the guy now, for reals. You have a right to know what is going on in his life.


Abby tried to go with the flow, but she was being hurt at every turn. That's not the way to enter into or stay in a relationship. She realized it was wrong for her and for Mike and let it go. 

It wasn't easy, but I was proud of her for sticking to her guns.

High Five - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 7

Barbara found quite the catch in Daryl. They're far beyond where Abby and Mike were in their relationship, and they've known each other less time. 

They know more about each other's desires and preferences in life and seem to be discovering a lot during the time they spend together. Of course, now that Barbara has had the pleasure of having Abby's entitlement rub off on her, she knows not to settle.

Abby may have taken that as a little dig, but Barbara's grasp of entitlement has been nothing but good for her. 

Interviewer: So tell me, where do you see yourself in five years?
Barbara: That is a great question.

That is the worst question. It may have been a great question in the 40s, but since the 80s even, it's been crap. Life moves too fast to consider one-year plans in an occupation, let alone five.

Barbara's answer has the appearance of being an out-of-body experience, but she was all in and it was fabulous. She got the job.

Of course, the job was for an in-flight magazine that was counting on her to bring it to the masses and to do so inside of a 2x2 cubicle with about 12 other people inside a 20x6 office. Talk about pressure.

While there's little doubt Barbara would have made the very most of that situation, Abby had an epiphany.

She wrote a sexy romance novel that should be published, and most likely will be, on Lady Parts. Barbara's idea to release it as an anthology is a perfect fit for Abby's idea for them to go into business together by starting their own website.

In fact, the idea is so good I'm just sad this won't be a real thing. It kind of makes me want to cry in desperation of needing this website as a part of my life.

Not only would it be for women of my age and facing my issues, but I want to read this steamy baseball fiction!

Life for both Abby and Barbara is exactly where I want it to be. It's so very bright.

The Beginning of the End for Phoebe - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 7

Before going into the other two people who are still making good decisions, let's pop over to Phoebe. 

She doesn't deserve JD. The poor guy was willing to engage in an orgy to follow her "When in Rome" behavioral lessons because he can't even read her cues anymore.

Every since Ralf cut off the alimony, you're pulling away. It's like you blame me.


He nailed that. Without money, Phoebe is nothing. At one point, I thought she put a lot of focus on her beauty because of modeling, but then she tried focusing on various projects and becoming a whole person.

Apparently, she discovered that being whole isn't worth the quest if within that she cannot be carefree, able to jet off or leave her children alone with a nanny. 

JD is cut out for the artistic and family lifestyles. Even with his social disability, he can adapt to any situation when he cares enough to do so. Phoebe cannot.

Or Phoebe will not. 

She doesn't care enough about her children to raise them, about her husband to stand by his side or about a job to stick with it long enough to prove she has what it takes to be the best.

The only thing she did right was offer to Jo an aggression workshop so Jo could stop being an asshole and stop raising an asshole.

Good Decision Makers - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 7

If Jo can see in herself that sort of behavior and want desperately to stop it, enough to pay $150 a session, go nameless and do it at a studio the likes that Phoebe would frequent, then you know the power to change is within anyone.

Jo has anger issues and an inability to deal with them. When she saw that room full of padded people hitting one another, she was in. It could have cost $300 a session and she would have found a way to make it happen.

I'm not exactly sure how she'll transfer what she learns to Zooey or how it all impacts your mind and soul, but I hope we get to see more of the journey.

Not that it's unlikely, given how her world is about to collide with Delia's.

Since they're not using names to keep all personal issues out of the class, what are the odds Jo and Albert will connect, really connect, and Delia will only discover said connection much later?

Where else would the much-needed drama within the group come from with so much else coming up roses?

Delia's in a good place. Albert took her mind off of her legal woes with a call to a friend, and now that she doesn't have to worry, she can seriously concentrate on helping legal aid cases because she wants to do it.

That made me really happy. Delia's an incredible attorney, and it will be interesting to see if working with decent people instead of jerks all the time will have a long-lasting change on her going forward.

It's just a shame we have to wait a year for all of this to happen. Can you even believe the seasons are this short now? 

While I appreciated the three-season renewal at the time, in practice, the shorter seasons dragged out over three years stinks. Yet, I won't let that get me down!

There was so much positivity and light seeping through some painful moments on "Run Towards What Scares You" that it gave me hope for my own life. What about you?

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Rule #91: Run Toward What Scares You Review

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