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Fran and Hannah are woken up in the middle of the night by Jacob, Fran's roommate, in the midst of a nervous breakdown in the living room. Hannah invites Fran to stay with her and Elijah for awhile. Fran is slightly weirded out by Elijah and Hannah's very close relationship.

Adam visits Laird and Caroline at their apartment, with the new baby. Adam is uncomfortable at first around breastfeeding Caroline and the baby. Laird quizzes Adam on his love life, suggesting that he have a baby of his own. Adam confides that he does have feelings for someone but the situation is complex. Laird likens that situation to his situation with Hannah.

Ray and Elijah, at Ray's coffee shop, talk about the new competing coffee shop across the street, Helvetica. Ray yells at Elijah for drinking Helvetica's coffee instead of their own and criticizes Helvetica for not putting lids on their coffees.

Adam stares at Jessa while they are in their AA meeting listening to a fellow member speak. Jessa tries to sneak out without talking to him. Adam accosts her and tries to talk about their kiss at Marnie's wedding. Jessa refuses to talk about it and tells him nothing could ever happen between them anyway. Adam suggests that they just be with each other like friends. Jessa agrees.

Hannah teaches Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth to her middle schoolers. One of the kids points out that the book is inappropriate. Her class is interrupted by a phone call for her in the office. It's her dad, crying, calling from a Marriott in Times Square. She hangs up with her dad and is then lectured by the principal about the inappropriateness of the reading. Hannah steamrolls right over the principal, telling him about her dad's emergency and that she needs to leave.

Ray visits Helvetica where he tries to convince the workers to put lids on the coffees. He inadvertently offends the two proprietors and is yelled at until he leaves.

Adam accompanies Jessa to Coney Island where she harasses a carnival worker for $30 he owes her.  They eat, play games with kids, and spend the day hanging out together.

Hannah goes to see her dad at the hotel room where he is holed up. He tells her that he came to the city to meet up with a guy that he met online, freaking Hannah out. Describing their encounter, he starts crying and confesses that he left his wallet. He asks Hannah to go back to the guy's house and get his wallet for him. Hannah's mother calls her and she confesses where her father is, leading her mother to ask Hannah to give him a message: that she wants a divorce.

Hannah goes to retrieve her dad's wallet from the guy, Keith. At first he tries to deny that they hooked up, but then admits it. Hannah retrieves the wallet and makes awkward small talk with Keith, who tells her that he friended her dad on Facebook. Hannah hugs him and leaves.

Adam tries to kiss Jessa goodbye after their day together, but she refuses, saying they would destroy one another. Adam tries to give her the fish they won, but sees it is dead from his having shook it all the way back to the apartment. Jessa likens it to what their relationship would be. Adam asks whether they can be together but not touch each other. Jessa agrees. They go upstairs and masturbate next to one another on Jessa's couch.

Hannah goes to dinner with her father. He asks how Fran is and tells Hannah to try to hold on to him. Hannah is offended by that, and points out that Tad himself hasn't made the best decisions. She makes a remark suggesting that Tad probably had unprotected sex with Keith, a stranger, and his reaction confirms it. Hannah freaks out, as does her dad, and she rushes off to call Elijah and enlist his help. Elijah rushes out of Ray's to help Hannah with Tad after he hears about Tad's unprotected encounter.

Hannah asks Tad what he's going to do. He suggests that he'll just go back to his wife's house. Hannah gets angry at him for telling her the situation is complex and lets loose that Loreen told Hannah she's asking for a divorce. Tad breaks down crying.

Elijah walks up and, seeing Hannah and her father both sobbing in the restaurant, turns tail and goes to a bar instead. While there, an attractive older news anchor (Dill Harthworth) buys him a drink and sits next to him. They chat and Elijah awkwardly says goodbye by telling him that he's going downtown. Dill kisses him intimately on the cheek and is driven away by his personal driver. Elijah berates himself for the lame goodbye, until Dill pulls up next to him and gives him his card, telling Elijah to call him.

Tad and Hannah walk. Tearful Tad tells Hannah he doesn't know what to do. Hannah assures him that she is there for him and it will be OK. She turns away and starts to tear up herself.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

You feel something for me. I know it. You're hiding behind your accent.


You ever heard of a little lady called Hannah Horvath? That, my friend, was an issue of timing. Bad timing. Yeah, right around when we met she had just gone in for this big vagina surgery. That's what she told me at least.