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Shoshanna wakes up in Japan and goes about her day happily, fitting in perfectly and chatting with her coworkers in Japanese.

Back in New York, Hannah flips through Fran's photos on his phone after he shows her a picture and finds pictures of naked girls. He defends himself, explaining that they are pictures of his ex-girlfriends and he uses them to masturbate. Hannah asks why he can't masturbate to her, and he tells her that the naked photos she's sent him are too goofy.

Shoshanna and her boss Yoshi flirt with one another awkwardly. Later at the spa, Shosh talks to her work friends about her feelings for Yoshi and her confusion over having a "sort of" boyfriend back home in America. She explains that she feels perfectly at home in Japan. Her friends tease her in Japanese, believing that she probably has already had sex with Yoshi.

At the same spa, Yoshi talks to his friends about Shoshanna. They tell him that she's probably not into him, because American girls are slutty and it probably would have happened already if she was into him.

Hannah talks to Marnie over Skype while Marnie is in Ecuador with Desi on her honeymoon about her issue with Fran keeping photos of his ex-girlfriend. Expecting Marnie to agree with her, Marnie instead tells Hannah that it's not so bad and that Fran is the nicest guy Hannah has ever dated.

Shoshanna receives a Skype call from her boss Abby. Abby gently tells Shosh that she's being "managed out" (aka, Shosh is fired). Abby offers for the company to pay for Shoshanna's ticket back in business class. Shosh tells her that she doesn't want to go back and starts to cry.

Hannah complains to Ray about Fran keeping the naked photos of his exes. Ray also doesn't think that it is a big deal, but Ray and Elijah help Hannah take her own naked photos to send to Fran, so he can use those instead.

Shosh drinks with her two Japanese friends and commiserates about her sadness over having been fired. She explains that she doesn't want to leave but can't afford to stay.

Ray, Jessa, and Adam watch an episode of a procedural where Adam guest starred as a homeless man. Jessa is enormously impressed and praises Adam for his amazing performance. Ray agrees. Adam is embarrassed but happy with their praise.

Shoshanna calls her boyfriend Scott crying and tells him she was fired and is coming home. He comforts her but admits he is happy that she's coming back to America. He offers to take care of her since she doesn't have a job. He tells her to get on the first plane she can and he'll pick her up at the airport. Shosh agrees. After she hangs up with him, she texts Yoshi to ask where he is.

Fran and Hannah have sex but Hannah is visibly dissociated, distracting Fran. She makes a comment about the ex girlfriend naked pictures that he keeps and they stop having sex.

At Adam and Ray's apartment, Adam, Ray, and Jessa continue to talk about Adam's guest role. Ray goes to sleep. Adam tries to kiss Jessa but she turns him down, refusing to do a "Will they, won't they?" thing. She leaves.

Shoshanna goes out partying with her friends at a club and meets up with Yoshi. They dance and Yoshi is a bit unnerved by how forward Shosh is being. Shosh and Yoshi go with Yoshi's friends to a sex club. They watch as Yoshi's friends are lightly tortured with candle wax and whipping. Yoshi's friends convince her to dress up in a nurse costume and participate in the sex play, though Yoshi tries to tell them she isn't interested. Shosh lightly whips Yoshi's friend once. He tells her to do it harder, taunting her. She continues whipping him, finally doing it so hard that she knocks him down and actually hurting him. Yoshi's friend taunts her vulgarly. Yoshi pushes his friend away and escorts Shosh out. Shosh kisses him and they make out.

Back in New York, Hannah wakes up in the middle of the night and leaves Fran sleeping in bed. She goes through his phone and deletes all of the ex girlfriend pictures while insulting the girls in them. She sets her own photo to be his screensaver.

In Japan, Shosh packs up her apartment while hungover. She listens to a message from Scott who talks about how he can't wait to kiss her. She looks out on her balcony, out at her neighborhood.

Scott waits for Shoshanna with flowers and a sign at the airport in New York, but she doesn't show up. He throws away the sign and the flowers and leaves the airport.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Let me put this in terms you'll understand. Like you know a cake is coming later! There she is.


Ray: When did you talk to Marnie?
Elijah: Don't be thirsty, Ray.