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Hannah and Fran set out on a summer-long road trip in an RV, but very soon into the trip, Hannah realizes that she doesn't want to go and no longer wants to be in a relationship with Fran. She breaks up with him at a rest stop in upstate New York and demands that he leave her there in her pajamas.

After Fran leaves, Hannah calls Marnie, who isn't able to come pick her up because she's at a recording session with Desi, and Jessa, who doesn't pick up. Finally, she calls Ray, who comes to get her in his new coffee truck.

Meanwhile, Adam shows up at Laird and Caroline's apartment to check in on the couple and their baby. Laird assures him that everything's fine, but then confesses that Caroline went out three days ago and never came back, trying to assure Adam that he's sure it's fine.

Driving back to the city, Hannah talks to Ray about breaking up with Fran. She tries to give a very resistant Ray road head while he's driving. He eventually gets into it but accidentally drives off the road, toppling the truck.

At Caroline and Laird's apartment, Adam tries to figure out where Caroline may have gone, though Laird is less than helpful. Finally, Adam finds a note from Caroline to Laird under the fridge, confessing that she's suffering from post-partum depression, dealing with desires to hurt their child and herself, and has left them. Upset, Laird leaves the apartment, asking Adam to watch his daughter for a little bit.

Adam and Jessa watch over Adam's niece while Caroline and Laird are gone. Jessa is uncomfortable with the baby, having no experience with them, and Adam is tense and stressed over worry about his sister. They bicker.

Ray yells at Hannah for causing him to crash his $50,000 truck. He calls his mechanic, who agrees to meet them there in 4-5 hours. Hannah is impatient. She calls Jessa again. Jessa picks up and mentions she is with Caroline's baby, with Adam. Hannah explicitly confronts her about having sex with Adam and sadly hangs up on Jessa. Jessa stresses out and tries to talk to Adam about the Hannah situation. He blows her off, too worried about Caroline to think about Hannah knowing.

Hannah eventually hitchhikes back to NYC with a male stranger instead, against Ray's advisement.

Meanwhile, Shoshanna, recently returned from Japan, struggles to readjust to New York. She runs into her ex-boyfriend Scott. He is upset that she ghosted him and wonders if she was even going to call him. Shosh mentions that she is thinking of going on welfare, and Scott yells at her. They argue and Scott leaves.

Marnie and Desi record in the studio. Desi's new girlfriend Tandace arrives. Desi introduces her as the woman who will be doing the stage decor on their tour. Marnie gets upset and Tandance talks to her privately about the "rage stuff" that Desi says Marnie has. Tandance explains that she and Desi have decided to separate his music and his life, telling Marnie it would be best for Desi's life if Marnie wasn't in it, and for them to only interact while making music. Marnie gets angry and leaves.

While in the car with the stranger, Hannah spots the man's gun. She calls Marnie and tries to "covertly" signal that she is in danger. Marnie instructs Hannah to pretend to have to pee and get out of the car and run. Hector, the driver, gives Hannah a jug to pee in instead, not pulling over. Hannah pees in the jug.

Hector confesses to Hannah that he was in a screwed up relationship back in Nevada and was being abused by his girlfriend. She pulled a gun on him. He took the gun, packed up, and left to move to New York City. Hannah explains that she just broke up with her boyfriend as well, and that she just got confirmation that her ex-boyfriend and her now ex-best friend are hooking up. They arrive at the city and Hector screams excitedly, thrilled to be starting over in New York.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I've been eating Bugles my whole life, and I still don't know if I even like them, it's just something to do.


Why am I here? Why am I here? Ahhhhhh!

Shoshanna [screaming]