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Hannah and her mother head away for a weekend of "Spring Queening." Loreen tells Hannah that she has some tough decisions to make. Hannah is confused, assuming the divorce between her parents is a done deal.

In Tokyo, Shoshanna works at a cat cafe. Yoshi visits her, spending his lunch hour there. He kisses her goodbye. Abigail shows up at the cat cafe to visit her, surprising Shosh. Abigail apologizes to her for the firing and assumes that Shosh is working at a "sex hut." Shosh assures her that she's doing fine and likes it in Japan and likes being with Yoshi. Shosh offers to take Abigail around on her day off, so she can teach Abigail to love Japan as she does.

Hannah and her mother arrive at the retreat. Hannah is judgmental and uses her phone, even though a retreat worker instructs her not to. Loreen introduces herself and Hannah to other women. The women all stand around waiting for the orientation to begin and they are lectured by a woman in charge about standing around and waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

That night, Hannah confides in her mother that she's glad to be away from Fran. Loreen worries that her marriage to Tad screwed Hannah up emotionally, but Hannah assures her that she is fine.

Adam and Jessa have sex. Jessa invites him along to meeting up with her sister, who is in town. He gladly agrees to go.

Hannah and Loreen do activities at the retreat. Loreen enjoys them but Hannah is sullen and continues to use her phone when she isn't supposed to. She calls her father and he asks her whether Loreen has mentioned anything about the divorce.

Shosh takes Abigail around Japan, showing her the culture. Abigail is very impressed with Shosh's new slowed-down, enjoying-life attitude.

Hannah is lectured by Sam, the worker. Another worker, Holly, intervenes and tells Sam that Hannah can use her phone if she needs to. Hannah confides about her issues with Fran and her difficulty writing an email to him. Holly tells Hannah that she is too luscious to be with the wrong guy, flattering Hannah. After that, Hannah unwinds a bit and enjoys the dancing class.

Jessa and Adam talk about her sister. Jessa explains that she and Minni have had sex with all the same guys (except for Jessa's dad, who only Minni had sex with). Jessa gives Adam permission to have sex with Minni, and Adam is taken aback. They meet up with Minni, who is overly touchy and hugs Adam, weirding him out.

Hannah gets annoyed by the conversation during a group lunch with the divorced older women. She leaves and runs into the female instructor Holly who flirted with her earlier. The woman takes her to the sauna where they have sex. Hannah is uncomfortable and half-hearted about it and stops before Holly orgasms. Holly sobs after masturbating to orgasm, freaking Hannah out.

Meanwhile, Loreen sits with the divorced women as they complain about dating as a divorcee, becoming unnerved by their horror stories. She confides that her husband is gay and they blow her off, saying that seems like a non-issue to them, comparatively.

Jessa and Adam go to dinner with Minni. Jessa asks Minni for money for her school, so she can be a therapist. Minni refuses, saying that Jessa has never showed the conviction to see anything through. Adam gets angry and tells Minni that she doesn't know anything about Jessa and offers to pay for her schooling himself. Jessa is happy and Minni is impressed by his offer.

Shosh and Yoshi take Abigail to a restaurant. Yoshi compliments Shosh, noting that she's learned much about Japan in a short time, and tells Abigail that soon he'll take Shosh to meet his grandmother and that he and Shosh will then lose their virginities to one another. Yoshi leaves to go to the bathroom. Shosh breaks down once he's gone and confesses to Abigail that she's lonely and homesick. She runs off to go home, leaving Abigail there alone.

Hannah climbs into bed with her mom. Her mother tells her that she's decided to stay married to Hannah's father because she feels she is too old to enjoy a married life with someone, even if she were to find someone else and fall in love, and that she knows Tad and likes him as a person.

Shosh walks home alone through the near-empty streets.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

I think you guys really did fuck me up.

Hannah [to her mother]

You are incapable of loving someone who is kind to you.