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One of Hannah's favorite award-winning authors, Chuck Palmer, invites her over to his fancy Manhattan apartment. Palmer is in the midst of a personal and professional crisis, having been accused of sexually assaulting college-aged fans of his. Hannah wrote an article about it, voicing that she was troubled by it. Chuck contacted her to come by to has out the accusations.

Chuck's wife left him in the aftermath and he's trying to maintain a relationship with his teen daughter, who is struggling with depression.

Throughout their conversation at Chuck's apartment, Hannah starts out as uncomfortable but is slowly charmed by Chuck being very intelligent and complimentary of Hannah's writing skills.

Chuck argues that he's been unfairly accused by the four women who have come out online and said that he forced them into non-consensual sexual encounters. He questions Hannah's reasons for believing this women, who she doesn't know, over him. 

Chuck admits that he's a "horny motherfucker" and cheated on his wife with various women (including prostitutes) but maintains that he never forced the women at college campuses to do anything they didn't want to do. Instead, he says that they threw themselves at him and he invited them back to his hotel room and some of the stayed to spend the night with him, getting something out of it themselves (writing material).

Hannah tries to explain the inherent power dynamic difference between Chuck and the women he may have assaulted, explaining that they may have felt they were in a position where they couldn't refuse. She tells the story of a teacher who was inappropriate with her when she was younger and how a fellow student she ran into years later shut her down when she mentioned the teacher had practically molested her.

They move into another room, where Chuck reads aloud to Hannah (and has her read) a portion of a story that fictionalized his encounter with Denise, which represents it as if he tried to get to know her and she shut him down, not wanting to let him in. He claims to Hannah that that was the only thing he was guilty of -- not trying harder to get to know Denise better.

He blatantly hits on Hannah, trying to convince her that the reason he contacted her was to make up for that, to try to show her she's more than just "a pretty face" to him. She opens up to him about her past and what her writing aspirations are. He compliments her funniness and writing skills again, eventually gifting her his signed copy of a Philip Roth book that she loves.

Chuck asks Hannah to lie down with him, but to keep her clothes on, only wanting to "feel close to someone." After some internal struggling with it, Hannah does lie down next to him and eventually apologizes for writing the story about him without considering all the facts. Chuck pulls his penis out and puts it on Hannah's clothed leg. She initially reaches down to grab it and then pulls away, horrified, and jumps up, shouting that he pulled his penis out on her while Chuck smirks on smugly. Hannah throws the book on the bed, as Chuck goes to greet his daughter.

Just then, Chuck's daughter arrives. Hannah awkwardly tries to leave but Chuck's daughter invites her to stay and listen to what she's been practicing on her flute. Hannah does, watching Chuck lovingly watch his daughter, and then leaves. As she leaves, a herd of other women enter Chuck's building.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Isn't that the crazy part about all of this? Like, about being alive right now. That so much of your life, your world, can be destroyed by something called "Tumblr" without an 'e'?


Hannah: You printed out a blog?
Chuck: No, I have assistants who can do that for me.