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Marnie and Desi have aggressive sex, during which Marnie says that's she a disgusting person (for cheating on Ray).

Hannah packs to go upstate with Marnie and Desi, complaining to Elijah that Marnie has roped her into her cover story that she's telling Ray, so he doesn't find out she's going away with Desi. Elijah explains that Shoshanna roped him into going to a women's networking event with her. Hannah leaves for Poughkeepsie with Marnie and Desi, visibly annoyed.

Shoshanna and Jessa meet up to record a birthday video for their grandmother. Jessa grills Shosh about her plans for that night. Shosh awkwardly explains that she's going to a networking event with Elijah -- Jessa invites herself along.

Upstate, while Desi and Marnie are arguing and being weird outside, Hannah goes into a little shop. The shopowner is a fashionable and Instagram-worthy woman who tells Hannah her story -- the woman lived in New York, barely eating, until one day she fell in the tracks and was electrocuted by the third rail. The actor Chris Noth rescued her and she left to go live upstate to "live her truth." Hannah is shocked. The woman gifts her a free tea set.

Hannah, Marnie, and Desi arrive at the house they're staying in. Hannah is still annoyed that she's there, and Marnie is overcome with guilt about Ray.

Elijah and Shosh arrive at the WEMUN (Women Entrepreneurs Meet Up Now) networking event hosted by two of Shosh's former college friends, Rachel and Ziva, who co-founded Jamba Jeans. Jessa arrives and is snarky about everything. Shosh introduces Elijah as her assistant. She tries to suck up to her former friends, who are cold to her for having ditched them for Jessa years earlier. Elijah ditches Jessa and Shosh to do drugs and hook up with a hot cater waiter in the bathroom.

Hannah holes up in her bedroom at the house. Downstairs, Desi plays his guitar and Marnie finds a mason jar full of pills in Desi's bag. After she pushes him, he admits that they're oxycontin, that he's been on them for a year, and that he's addicted. Marnie freaks out and breaks his jar, crushing all his oxy. With Hannah's help, they kick Desi out and lock him out of the house despite his protestations. He freaks out and busts through a window, breaking Hannah's tea set in the ruckus. 

Shosh attempts to make plans to hang out with Rachel and Ziva in the future, but they reject her, citing the time that she backed out of plans to go on vacation to Aruba. Jessa tries to make Shosh feel better by saying Rachel and Ziva are terrible, but Shosh ignores her.

After kicking Desi out, Marnie cries on the floor to Hannah and wonders how she wound up there. Hannah gives Marnie some tough love, pointing out that Marnie needs to take a hard look at the life she's created. Hannah promises to help Marnie get out of the situation.

Outside of the WEMUN mixer, Jessa and Elijah have a confrontation about Jessa dating Adam. Shosh ignores them, and then when Jessa questions why Shosh is mad at her. She explains that Marnie is having sex with Ray. Elijah reveals that Marnie is actually having sex with Desi. Shosh flips out and screams at Jessa that Jessa ruined her life and tells Jessa to get out of her face. Jessa leaves, upset.

Hannah and Marnie pack up the house. Hannah bandages Desi's hand up and gets him into the car. They leave Poughkeepsie together.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm happy to share my Google Cal with you, if you want to make actual plans.


Hannah: And now, she and Desi are seriously considering trying anal!
Elijah: He's not getting anything up Marnie's ass!