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Hannah meets with an influential woman writer, Ode Montgomery, who lectures her about the difficulties of being both a writer and a woman. Ode purposely never had children.

Marnie and Ray have lame sex. He tries to convince her that they should go out to dinner, but Marnie keeps blowing him off and is only worried about herself.

Marnie attends a meeting with a recovering Desi and his sponsor. Both Desi and his sponsor are aghast at Marnie's narcissism and her making Desi's addiction problem all about herself and how stressful its been on her. Marnie feels attacked and refuses to see herself as a contributor to Desi's problem.

Adam walks off the set of the movie he's filming, frustrated with the director's ideas. Jessa convinces Adam that they need to make their own movie and looks into figuring out how to finance it. Later, they decide that they need to make the movie about their own story with Hannah.

At Ray's coffee shop, he blows off a regular customer, Bobby, who is trying to tell him a long-winded story. When Bobby leaves the coffee shop, he immediately collapses and dies, sending Ray into a stressful and guilty spiral. Hermie suggests that Ray is wasting his potential now that he's with Marnie, and that he should pay more attention to who he should be listening to. Ray gruffly rebuffs Hermie's suggestions.

Hannah suffers from a painful UTI. Her mom tells her to go to the hospital when she starts peeing blood. While there, she encounters Joshua, the hot doctor she hooked up with once several years ago. He confirms she has a UTI and also casually reveals to Hannah that she is pregnant, thinking she already knew. Hannah shuts down his automatic assumption that she's having an abortion and leaves awkwardly.

Back at her apartment, Hannah finds Jessa and Adam waiting there for her. They bombard her with information about the movie they're planning and ask her to think about it before they get to the release-signing stage. Hannah calmly tells them to do whatever they want and goes up to her apartment, where (in pain from her UTI) she lies on Elijah's lap as he comforts her. She doesn't tell him about the pregnancy.

Ray meets with Shoshanna and complains about Hermie telling him that he's got wasted potential. Ray just rants and hardly listens to Shosh. Ray has the realization that Hermie wants him to be a better version of him and goes to apologize him. He lets himself into Hermie's apartment and finds him dead, having a breakdown.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Hannah: Is being a woman and being a writer as hard as it seems?
Ode: Harder.

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I am not a mother, and there's a reason for that. Because childlessness is the natural state of the female author. Okay? Write that down, get used to it.