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Hannah tells her mother that she is expecting a baby. Loreen is at first supportive and excited for Hannah, but eventually lashes out when she realizes she'll be all alone as a grandma and facing her imminent death.

By then high on pot gummies, she abandons Hannah at a laundromat and goes back to the apartment, where she leaves Hannah's clothes on the stoop and wanders off. Hannah panics when she comes back and finds her mother is gone. She enlists the help of Elijah, who has been on an Adderall bender, to find her mom.

Eventually, after searching throughout the city, they track Loreen down in a Chinese restaurant where she's eating by herself. She reveals Hannah's pregnancy to Elijah, who gets very angry and lashes out at Hannah, calling her a terrible mom and making Hannah cry. Elijah leaves.

Hannah goes back to her apartment, where she finds Genevieve, the actress Adam and Jessa hired to play "Mira" (the character based on Hannah) in their movie. Genevieve, who has three kids, has a heart to heart with Hannah about motherhood.

Meanwhile, Ray is having a hard time with the death of Hermie, who left everything to Ray. Shoshanna stops by to give him her condolences, momentarily cheering Ray up.

Marnie, on the other hand, is much less helpful. She's visibly uncomfortable accompanying Ray to Hermie's house to clear it out and go through Hermie's things, passive aggressively trying to leave by mentioning that she has a gym class. Ray eventually tells Marnie to go and confronts her about the fact that they don't do anything together at all, suggesting they break up.

Marnie is critical of the fact that Ray seems to be "cliché" in questioning his life after Hermie's death. She leaves. Later on, Ray sits in Hermie's apartment by himself, listening to a tape recording of Hermie's interview with an old woman named Sofia about her life.

Adam and Jessa shoot scenes for the new movie (starring Adam and Genevieve as the Hannah-inspired character, Mira) at their apartment and at Laird's. Jessa is visibly uncomfortable with the emotional intensity of the scenes between Adam and Genevieve.

After a particularly dramatic scene, Jessa questions Adam's creative direction and insists that he and Hannah had a superficial relationship before he met her and felt something "real." Adam questions whether she even read the script, and Jessa gets angry. Laird, wandering in, believes he's found his new soul mate in Genevieve, who he bumped into outside the apartment.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Shoshanna: Yeah, I literally hate death.
Ray: Yeah, well, it's right there, right in front of us, just patiently waiting to take us all.
Shoshanna: No. Not me.
Ray: No?
Shoshanna: Yeah, no, it's super random, but I'm just not gonna die, like, ever.
Ray [laughs]: Good. Good, 'cause I don't think I could handle that.

Leave it to Hermie to find the world's most obscure terminal illness, show zero external symptoms, and then die binge-watching "The Equalizer."