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Hannah tells Marnie that she's pregnant and is keeping the baby. At first, Marnie thinks that Hannah is screwing with her, but then she tells Hannah she's happy about it. Marnie is supportive until Hannah tells her that she's not planning on telling the father.

Marnie and Desi argue over performing gigs, with Desi feeling "overworked." Marnie reminds him that they have a gig for her mom's friend's birthday, though Desi wants to pull out of it. They argue, and Desi storms off.

Elijah awkwardly tries to make peace with Hannah by inviting her to a hot dog taco party. She turns him down. Elijah then apologizes for what he said to Hannah and takes back what he said about her being a terrible mother. He confesses that he didn't want their friendship to change because of the baby but has come around and even refers to the baby as "our kid." He and Hannah hug.

Hannah gets a call from Adam, who has been calling her incessantly trying to get her to watch the movie. He shows up outside her apartment as she's heading to work and won't leave her alone, persistently trying to get her to watch the movie so she can validate that he was telling "their truth" with it before he starts submitting it to festivals.

Hannah gets angry about Adam's suggestions that their relationship was all painful memories for him. He believes watching the movie will help her move on. She gets upset, saying she has moved on, and reveals that she's pregnant and not telling the father. Adam is taken aback by that and she runs away from him as he shouts after her to talk to him.

Marnie waits for Desi outside of La Vue. He shows up an hour late, completely stoned, but Marnie doesn't even notice until her mom points it out. Marnie whines at her mom that it's her fault that she wound up marrying someone like Desi, as Desi sits there completely trashed and miserable. She also tells them that Hannah is pregnant and that her mom and Desi are preventing her from being the godmother she needs to be to Hannah's baby.

Hannah meets with her dad and his boyfriend Keith, discussing her decision not to tell the baby's father about their child. They each have opposite perspectives -- Keith thinks she should consider that the father might want to know, while Hannah's dad backs up her choice to do whatever she thinks is best. They argue about it.

Marnie tries to back out of performing at Sharva's birthday since Desi overdosed and is completely incapacitated, but her mom convinces her that she can back Marnie up and go on with the show. Marnie is resistant.

While Elijah and his coworker are stuck at Bendel's during the late shift and it's nearly empty, so Elijah helps her to run lines for a production she's in. The coworker is blown away by how good Elijah is. Elijah gives her tips on how to perfect her performance.

Hannah is alone in her apartment when Jessa shows up unannounced, having found out Hannah is pregnant. Jessa is upset that Hannah didn't call her to tell her. They have a confrontation where Jessa tries to convince Hannah that she's still her "dear friend," but Hannah blows her off and tells Jessa that they haven't ever acted like real friends and she simply doesn't care about Jessa anymore. Jessa tells her that she can't just erase people and then leaves, hurt.

Marnie and her mom take the stage to perform as Desi stumbles out to watch, he mouths to Marnie to enjoy it. Marnie's mom does an embarrassingly bad job, and the crowd slowly scatters. Desi leaves and tries to get on his bike, but he can't manage it. He angrily shoves it over and walks away after saying "Adios, Marn."

Elijah talks at Hannah about his decision to pursue acting. Hannah is clearly not listening and finally wanders away into her room, calling the resort where Paul-Louis works and asking for him. The operator doesn't recognize the name, and Hannah hangs up, saying she'll call back again. Hannah begins to watch Adam and Jessa's movie, clearly moved by the post-sex scene where Adam confesses his feelings about their relationship to "Mira."

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Girls Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Hannah: I'm pregnant!
Marnie: That's very funny.
Hannah: Not a joke, just what's going on in my uterus.

Marnie: Ray broke up with me. Can you believe it?
Hannah: Kind of, yeah. I mean, you're, like, a horrible cunt to him, so...