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Adam tells Jessa that he feels the need to go to Hannah and ask her to raise the baby with him. Jessa has a non-reaction and tells him he's gotta do what he's gotta do and that he hasn't done anything wrong.

Elijah and Hannah suffer through a heat wave. Hannah confides that her conversation with Paul-Louis messed with her head. She goes to the shop to get ice pops, where she runs into Adam. Adam tells her that he wants to be with her and raise the baby with her. They go back to her apartment and have sex.

Meanwhile, Jessa is stressed out trying to order "elite channels" for her cable package. She pauses to vomit into her toilet.

Ray and Shoshanna go to get the tapes that Hermie left digitized. Shosh wonders why Ray is so intent on getting the interviews Hermie conducted with various people around the neighborhood, instead of just chilling out and sticking with the coffee industry. They run into Shosh's old boss Abigail, who invites them to lunch with her. They uncomfortably accept and drink at lunch. Abigail asks her get-to-know-you question, which winds up being the same as Ray's. Abigail and Ray bond, making Shosh uncomfortable.

Jessa continues to freak out about Adam and Hannah reuniting and goes to Laird's apartment where she scares baby Sample and reveals Hannah's pregnancy. Laird goes upstairs to see Hannah and offer to raise the baby with her, interrupting Hannah and Adam sharing a moment "talking" to her baby. Hannah declines Laird's offer.

Hannah and Adam spend the day together, drinking Jarritos and chatting and laughing. When Hannah asks about his relationship with Jessa, Adam claims that she would've left him in four months anyway. She asks what sex with Jessa was like and Adam will only tell her that Jessa laughed a lot during sex. Hannah talks about her fears about having the baby and being a mother and Adam quells her fears about.

Jessa spirals out of control further, smoking in a bar and picking up a random guy there to have sex with in the bathroom. She cries as she's having sex with him and after.

Hannah and Adam go to the store and pick up baby stuff, with Adam chattering on about the things he'll build for the baby. Hannah zones out as he's talking to her, staring at a picture of a baby and a mom on a product. They wind up in a diner, eating soup and making practical plans about where to live, whether they should get married, and how they'll split up what house tasks.

Finally, Hannah breaks down crying, and Adam also breaks. They awkwardly discuss what their plans are for the rest of the night. They go their separate ways, with Hannah going back to lie sadly in her bed. Adam goes back to his apartment where Jessa agrees to let him up.

Ray and Abigail spend the rest of the day going around Brooklyn, with Abigail teaching Ray how to talk to strangers about their life in Brooklyn for the purposes of continuing Hermie's work on an oral history of the city. At the end of the night, they talk about how much fun they had together while riding and carousel and kiss one another sweetly.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Jessa: You've gotta do what you've gotta do. I'm not a zookeeper.
Adam: Come the fuck on, there's something else in there. Will you just say it? Spit in my face. Punch me. What? Just do it.
Jessa: Why would I do that? You haven't done anything wrong.

Would you object greatly if I kissed you?

Ray [to Abigail]