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Elijah prepares for an audition for the new musical "White Men Can't Jump." Right before he leaves, Dill shows up, looking for a place to hide out -- he's embroiled in a scandal because he tried to buy a white baby off the black market. Elijah begrudgingly allows Dill to stay there with Hannah.

Elijah gets jitters at the audition but is bolstered by a confident woman name Athena. He does spectacularly well with the singing portion but bombs the dancing. Assuming he didn't get the role, he heads home.

Back at Elijah and Hannah's apartment, Hannah hangs out with Dill, waiting for Paul-Louis to call her back. Dill immediately recognizes that Hannah is pregnant and counsels her that she needs to tell the father/ Paul-Louis calls back, remembering Hannah, but is apathetic about the baby and relieved that Hannah is letting him off the hook. When they get off the phone, Hannah cries. Dill at first comforts her but then cries about his own life, abandoned by his dad and having rejected Elijah. They sob together.

When Elijah gets home, Dill gives him an impassioned speech about his regret for dumping him. Elijah cuts him off, telling Dill that he can no longer fuck with him and accusing him of just being there to mess with him, but then relents, asking Dill to bring him pizza to his bedroom and then sleeping with him. The next morning, Elijah gets a call from the audition people, asking him to come in and read for the producers, while still acknowledging that he's an awful dancer.

Meanwhile, Marnie spirals after being served with an eviction notice. She tries to ask for money from her mom, who refuses and instead invites Marnie to move into her house. Marnie refuses and goes to a pawnshop to sell her jewelry. After the pawn shop owner tells her that her jewelry is fake and worthless, Marnie flips, blaming her mom, dad, and Desi for everything wrong in her life. The pawnshop owner sets her straight, chastising her.

Marnie recognizes what he's said and decides to take responsibility for her own life, packing up the apartment to move into her mom's and calling Desi to wish him well and to tell him that she's aware that he doesn't owe her anything.

Hannah attends an OB appointment alone, surrounded by other parents who are part of a couple.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

The liar is you.

Pawnshop owner [to Marnie]

I bet none of my ancestors were even in the Wild West! Half my fucking wedding theme is a lie!