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Miles gets the surprise of a lifetime when the God Account sends him not one, not two, but 76 friend suggestions prompting Rakesh to ask, "is your phone broken?"

Nope, not broken, just being summoned for duty. 

The trio immediately gets to work by trying to find a connection between the friend suggestions. 

Eventually, Rakesh realizes they all live in the same apartment complex.

Miles and Cara pretend to be a couple looking for apartments and crash the "tenant townhall meeting" in which Denise and her father announce that they've sold the building to an investor who will bulldoze it to build luxury hotels.

The tenants, who have lived in the building their whole lives, have 30 days to find a new place to live. 

As outrage erupts, William, the tenant giving Miles and Cara a tour, tells them that Denise is his sister. 

Cara tries to scare Denise into tossing the deal with "bad press," but Denise says there's nothing she can do. 

Miles suggest a co-op which would allow all the tenants to buy the building. Denise says she will consider it if they can get her all the tenant signatures. 

Miles, Cara and William work tirelessly to get the signatures, however, when they return to Denise she tells them that her father didn't agree to the proposition and that she's already signed off on the sale. 

Before he can come up with another plan, Miles gets a suggestion from the God Account only this time, it's to a landmark called "The Little Red Lighthouse."

No one has ever been there except for Cara who tells Miles it used to be her favorite bedtime story.

The lighthouse felt as if it wasn't needed anymore when a big bridge, representing progress, was built above it. 

At the landmark, they realize the author of the book wrote it in that very apartment complex thus making it a historical landmark.

When they inform William, he realizes his father had to know the apartment was a landmark because the tenant remodeled it so quickly. 

William also realizes that if someone were to figure it out, his sister, who signed the paperwork, would go to jail for "fraud."

The three of them warn Denise who takes matters into her own hands. 

At the following tenant meeting, she arrives to tell them that an "anonymous tip" informed the investor of the historical landmark status thus forcing them to pull out. 

Instead, she blackmailed her father into selling her the property and even moved in back home.

Meanwhile, Rakesh is asked to meet with HR after IdentitySeal is sold to Simon Hayes, the former best friend of Henry who they believe is behind the God Account. 

Rakesh is shocked to find out the meeting is about a possible promotion. His follow-up meeting takes a bit of a turn when they begin asking him who was responsible for tethering the network and cracking the firewall. 

Rakesh is adamant that it wasn't him, which isn't what the VP of Technology wants to hear. 

Turns out, whoever is behind all of the hacking has skills that are highly specialized and perfect for a new division in mobile applications and design. 

Rakesh immediately accepts the position as head of the division and is impressed to learn he'll be working on Simon's specialty, which is also the mainframe for the God Account, predictive analytics. 

Miles has a heart-to-heart with Ali who reveals that her apartment isn't really being fumigated, she just got into a fight with her girlfriend, Dee, and needed some space. 

She admits that clearing her mind convinced her that Dee isn't the "right one."

To cheer her up, Cara brings over tubs of ice cream. 

Rakesh crashes the party, which makes Miles aware of how grateful he is that his friends turned into family. 

He also gifts Cara with a first-edition copy of the Little Red Lighthouse as she begins to see the potential of a real relationship with him. 

Trish invites Arthur to her out-of-state farmhouse, but he tells her he's unable to leave his church and parishioners. 

After seeking advice from Ali, he realizes he wants to take the next step in his relationship with Trish, but she has to accept that his personal life and faith are one and the same. 

He asks her to consider joining the church if she wants to be with him.

Trish says she'll think about it but shows up at service on Sunday much to Arthur's delight. 

Will they ever make it to that farmhouse?

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Ali: Speaking of Simon Hayes, have you heard from Pria?
Miles: No. And how do you know about her?
Ali: Because I listen to your podcast. It's getting good, it's like "Serial" only with people I know.

Cara: How many are there?
Miles: We just got 76 friend suggestions.