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On the pilot episode of God Friended Me we meet Miles Finer, an outspoken atheist who is coincidentally the son of a prominent pastor. 

Miles lost his faith after the unexpected death of his mother. 

He shares his "beliefs" on his up-and-coming podcast "The Millenial Prophet."

Coincidentally, his father is a prominent pastor, and because of their opposing views, their relationship has suffered a falling out.

Miles' sister Ali hopes that they patch things up at their father's 25th-anniversary party at the church, however, Miles doesn't think he should even attend. 

When he gets a friend request on Facebook from the "God" account, he suspects his father is playing a prank on him. 

No matter how many times he denies the request, God keeps friending him. 

He taps his side-kick and hacker Rakesh to find out who is behind the elaborate prank but soon realizes there's a method to the madness. 

The account keeps suggesting people that Miles is seemingly "destined" to meet in real life and shortly after seeing them pop up on the social media network, bumps into them in person. 

The first suggested person he runs into is John Dove, a heartbroken man who almost commits suicide by jumping off the train tracks before Miles intervenes.

The second suggested person is Cara Bloom, a journalist suffering from writer's block after finding her birth mother but never mustering up the courage to talk to her. 

Miles assumes Cara is behind the account and confronts her hoping that she'll give it up but she has no idea what he's talking about. 

Instead, she promises to help him out only if she gets to write the story about the intersection of "faith and science through the lens of social media."

Rakesh is unable to crack the code and find the IP address of the prankster, however, he does say the predictive analytics indicate Dove would have jumped so this prank is testing Miles' faith.

After he finds God's location to be in Jersey, Cara and Miles check the house out which she vaguely recognizes.

Back at Miles' apartment, weird things begin happening on his computer and when the screen freezes on an image of his mother in the hospital, Cara gets spooked and leaves. 

Turns out, the nurse that worked at the hospital where Miles' mother was being treated for cancer was Cara's biological mother. 

Miles helps Cara confront her mother on the park bench, but when she realizes that her mother has another daughter, she bolts and ends up getting hit by a car. 

John Dove comes to Cara's aide because as it turns out, he's a doctor. It all comes full circle. 

At the hospital, Cara and her mother patch things up and later get together for a family dinner with her step-sister.

Not having cracked the God-account mystery just yet, Cara vows to help Miles figure out who is toying with him. 

The next person that he suggests is Katie Brooks. We'll have to wait till God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 2 to figure out what role she's destined to play in his life. 

In terms of Miles' podcast, Eric from Sirius is interested in his show, so that paired with his recent experiences will surely be brought into the fold soon enough. 

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I am your host Miles Finer that there is no god and that is okay!


I thought I had it all figured out but then something happened and it changed my life forever. There is no proof of god anywhere in the universe.