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Cara and Miles are still on the outs after Cara broke their promise and agreed to write about the God Account for her piece in Catapult. 

Despite wanting to talk things out with Miles, he was still really angry and disappointed with her, plus, he had a meeting with FreeVerse to see how his podcast was doing. 

The good news -- his podcast was their biggest hit. 

The bad news -- Cara was threatening to expose who was behind the God Account. 

FreeVerse told Miles that he had to beat Cara to the punch and inform his listeners about Simon Hayes. 

Instead, Miles found himself on a road trip to Camp Mackinaw with his father. 

Camp Mackinaw is where the God Account checked in, and surprisingly, both men needed to get away from their problems and clear their head. 

Arthur proved to be really helpful with both figuring out what the God Account was leading Miles to and giving his son advice about Cara. 

Though Camp Mackinaw was shut down 30-years ago, the God Account sent them there because it's where Henry Chase's sister, Juliet Chase, died when she was just nine-years-old. 

Miles also realized that he didn't even care who was behind the God Account anymore, he just didn't want all of it to be over. 

When he realized that Simon Hayes might not be behind the God Account after all, he rushed to tell Cara before she posted the story and ruined her credibility. 

However, Cara decided against writing the piece and instead, opted to write about all the good and positivity the God Account has brought into her life. 

Both of them had the chance to break the story and neither of them did. 

Meanwhile, Rakesh, who was fired by Simon Hayes for being a "mole" ran into Pria while grabbing lunch with Jaya. 

Pria admitted that she returned back to town to stop Simon Hayes from launching his product to the world. 

She told Rakesh that he could either join her in destroying it or stand by as she did it herself. 

But Rakesh wasn't ready to lose the God Account either. 

He devised a plan to steal the project from Simon Hayes by telling him about Pria's plan. While Simon was transferring the project to a different server, he was going to intercept it. 

Except Pria's code proved to be stronger than Rakesh's, and the project was deleted completely sending Simon into a spiral as he lost ten-years of his work. 

Miles confronted Simon about why he chose him for the God Account, but Simon seemed pretty confused. 

Turns out, he wasn't behind the God Account like Miles predicted, he was launching an app that would predict seismic environmental shifts. 

As Simon walks away in a fury of anger, Miles gets his next suggestion ... Simon Hayes. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

The point is, when you finally figure out what you want, things have a way of working themselves out.

Arthur Finer

Rakesh: Let me guess. During your interview with Simon Hayes, you decided to tell him things you couldn't possibly know unless you knew someone on the inside, someone who told you things in confidence and assumed that they'd never be repeated!
Cara: What happened?
Rakesh: What do you think happened? He accused me of being a spy and fired me!