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Miles, Rakesh and Cara feel guilty about aiding Pria in destroying Simon Hayes' life work, especially because the secret project wasn't the God Account, it was a code that would predict and save people from natural disasters.

Since Simon is their latest Friend Suggestion, they reach out to him to see how they could help. 

Simon informs them that giving away the Juliet Code to help others was his way of trying to reach and apologize to Henry Chase. 

Miles realizes that the way to help Simon is to finally track down Henry. 

He follows Pria to a temple where she admits that her leukemia returned and she's been trying to find Henry so she could finally tell him how she feels about him. 

Miles turns to Graham Hastings, a former friend suggestion who admitted to knowing Henry and playing chess with him when he became Falken. 

They track Graham down and though he's initially hesitant to help because he doesn't want to break Chase's trust, he agrees to set up a meeting. 

Rakesh tracks Chase to Identity Seal, which they believe is impossible until Henry Chase confronts them all. 

He tells Miles that he's not the person behind the God Account, but he has been watching them ever since they broke into his parents apartment. 

Chase doesn't believe Simon or Pria when they say they want to make amends. He still believes Simon is an evil human being who stole his code. 

Pria comes clean about her leukemia and admits that Simon donated bone marrow thus saving her life. 

Shortly after their initial meeting, Miles gets a save the date for Erica Katz's bat mitzvah. The only problem is that no one knows Erica. 

Miles is convinced the God Account has a plan and though Pria and Simon agree to attend the event, the verdict is unclear for Henry Chase. 

Miles turns to the God Account for help locating Henry Chase and finds him at the park. 

Henry admits that he began working on the Juliet code after he was unable to save his sister from drowning. 

He always wanted to help others but feels as if he's failed. 

Miles asks him to have a little faith and convinces him to attend the bat mitzvah. 

It's a good thing too because turns out, Erica Katz almost drowned when a dam broke by the Hudson River. 

Her mother admits it's a miracle she's still with them and that she was saved because of Simon Hayes' code, which predicted the flood and sent an alert to authorites. 

Henry realizes that his dream of using his code to save people like his sister have come true. 

He forgives both Simon and Pria and they decide to finish their big project together in Paris. 

They are grateful for Miles' help in bringing them together and restoring their faith in each other. 

Simon makes a sizeable donation to Freeverse to restore Miles' podcast which was pulled after Singular Dynamics threatened to sue for defamation. 

Simon also offers a newly-fired Rakesh a new position heading up the R&D department. 

And since Cara's book deal focusing on the people they've helped fell through, Simon invites her to Paris for 6-months to write about their project. 

Cara is hesitant about accepting the offer considering her relationship with Miles is so new, but he tells her she has to go. 

"I'll be here when you get back," he tells her. 

Pria also musters up the courage to finally tell Henry Chase that she loves him.

Before Cara flies to Paris, Miles tries to muster up the courage to tell her how he feels, but she tells him not to because she wouldn't want to leave again. 

Once her cab leaves, a woman approaches Miles and asks him if he thinks this is funny. 

Miles is visibly confused as he's never seen the woman before but she claims he knows her. 

Then, she utters the same phrase we've heard Miles say plenty of times before. 

"This is going to sound crazy but someone by the name of God requested me on Facebook, and they sent me your name."

Miles is now a friend suggestion! 

Meanwhile, Arthur finds out that he did not get elected as Bishop of New York. 

Though he's sad, Miles points out that maybe this wasn't his destiny. 

Arthur decides to step down as head priest to be a better man, father and husband. 

He then proposes to Trish who is eleated. They celebrate their proposal at Ali's bar. 

Will the God Account trade Miles in for someone else? Will Cara and Miles survive a six-month break? Will we ever find out who is behind the God Account. 

See you next season! 

God Friended Me
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