Zack Gets Caught - God Friended Me
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Rakesh thinks he found a lead on the man behind the God Account, Zee, but when they track him down, they realize he used a dummy name and email on his lease. 

Miles hopes that his next friend suggestion might give him some information, but he's shocked when his friend suggestion is himself. 

His sister, Ali, tells him he donated money to his save the whales fundraiser for his birthday, and Miles doesn't know what she's referring to. 

It turns out his friend suggestion is the person who cloned his Facebook profile. 

They track him down and learn it is a 16-year-old intern at the Department of Defense. 

The teen, Zach, refuses to return the money he scammed out of people. They pay a visit to Zach's father and learn that he's been trying to find out the truth about what happened to his later mother, who served in Afghanistan. 

His father believes Zach might use the money to hire a lawyer, but Rakesh's intel reveals he already used it to buy a raspberry pi to hack into the DOD's secure files. 

The trio do everything they can to stop him. 

Miles enlists the help of Freemont, a former friend suggestion and soldier, who hooks Zach up with a soldier from his mother's unit. 

Martinez explains that his mother went AWOL and they found her dead in a nearby house. 

The DOD comes to arrest Zach, but they let him go eventually without pressing charges. 

They did kick him out of school and his internship.

Rakesh takes a closer look at Zach's code and realizes one of the fake profiles stands out. It's a woman from Afghanistan who has pictures with Zach's mom. 

She agrees to speak with Zach and tells him what happened the night his mother died. She sacrificed herself to help the woman and her husband escape Afghanistan. 

Zach's mother was a hero. 

Zach feels a sense of purpose again. Rakesh offers him an internship at IdentitySeal and enlists him at MIT. 

Cara and Adam, her former co-worker, team up to find out where an underground poker match is taking place so that they can locate Zee. 

Adam asks Cara out, but she informs him that she's not ready to date again. 

When they arrive at the poker match, theyr'e told they need a key to get in. Cara recognizes the key as the card Zee left behind for Miles. 

Ali starts fertility treatments and meets a woman named Emily at the clinic. 

The two hit it off, and Emily comes by Ali's bar to ask her out. 

Ali rejects her and eventually explains that it's because she has cancer. 

Emily informs her that she's not going to be scared away and the two plan a date. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Cara: And hopefully, our next friend suggestion gives us a lead on the God Account.
Miles: I don't think so.
Cara: What makes you so sure?
Miles: Because my next friend suggestion is me.

Rakesh: What if we just blackmailed Jason Bourne?
Miles: We? This was your idea.