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God Friended Me returns after a month-long hiatus with Rakesh excitedly announcing his soulmate app to Cara, Miles, and Ali. 

He's convinced that the app will prove once and for all that Jaya is his soulmate, but when the app pairs him with someone named Lulu Achebe, he believes there's a glitch. 

However, Miles informs him that Lulu just became his most-recent friend suggestion, and Cara knows that isn't a coincidence. 

It also isn't a coincidence that Rakesh and Lulu bump into each other and the nearby food truck at lunch. 

She offers to grab lunch somewhere else and the two enjoy each other's company, which surprises Rakesh. 

Lulu asks to meet him tomorrow because she needs his help, and before she leaves, she informs him that her real name is Princess Luella of Longo. 

Rakesh is on a date with a princess!

The next day, Rakesh, Cara, and Miles meet with Lulu who informs them that her father, King Omari, is coming to town to speak with the UN and announce her as his successor. 

She needs Cara's help shutting down a story about her progressive beliefs on gender equality beforehand as she's scare they'll hurt her chances of becoming Queen. 

Cara offers to help, but the writer of the piece refuses to give up a "good story." In exchange for her cooperation, Lulu promises her the first exclusive with the Queen of Longo. 

When her father comes into town, he announces that he will be naming her brother, Zane, as the successor. 

Zane apologizes to Lulu, but she refuses to settle especially once Rakesh figures out that Zane is the one who confirmed her identity to Catapult and leaked that he was about to become King. 

Zane admits he betrayed her because of her liberal views that don't align with the country. 

The God Account suggests that Miles and team pick up some old magazines dating back to 1984 in which Lulu finds a photo of her mother and father back in their Columbia days at an equal rights rally. 

She schedules a meeting with her father and confronts him about his former progressive beliefs. 

The King admits that he told their late mother to curb her beliefs after they were born because of the death threats. 

Lulu informs him that the country wasn't ready back then, but it is now, and she is the right choice to lead the people. 

He agrees that taking the risk is worth it and announces Lulu as the Queen of Longo. 

Despite their connection, Rakesh sends Lulu off to Longo to "rule a country" with her favorite mac and cheese. 

She informs him that her grandmother's version of soulmates detailed a kind spirit who would help on her life's journey, so in that regard, she believes they are soulmates. 

She kisses Rakesh and leaves. 

Rakesh informs Miles and Cara that after meeting Lulu, he finally realized that he could be happy with someone other than Jaya. 

Cara and Miles toast to their friendship. Though it is harder to be friends since they are in love, on the bright side, friendship lasts forever. 

Ali tells Arthur and Trish about her cancer, but assures them they caught it early on and treatment will begin soon. 

However, at the doctor's appointment, Ali expresses her desire to delay treatment to freeze her eggs. 

The doctor advises against it because time is of the essence, and both Arthur and Miles don't support her decision, but Trish does. 

She understands Ali's desire to become a mother and realizes that she needs that kind of hope that comes with looking forward to something. 

Arthur may not like it, but in the end, he supports Ali's decision. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Rakesh: That doesn't make any sense? Who is Lule Achebe?
Miles: Um, your soulmate is my friend suggestion.

Arthur: What else was I supposed to say? That watching that battle play out with Ella almost broke me? That there would be days where she's going to be days she's going to feel so sick that she's not going to get out of bed. Days where I have to look her in the eye and say 'oh, no baby, it's going to be fine' and hoping that she's not going to see the fear in my eyes."
Trish: They caught it early which means she's going to start treatment early. We are going to get through this. Ali is going to get through this.
Arthur: Yeah, you're right.