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Beth explains to the ladies that Rio wants them to travel to Canada and bring a package back for him. In exchange, he will forgive their debt.

In need of a car, the ladies steal one from Dean's dealership. They are unaware that Boomer is following them.

Once they get to Canada, the man who is supposed to give them the package refuses to do so. After Beth and Annie fail to get through to him, Ruby decides to scare him with Stan's gun but she shoots him in the foot by accident.

After they get the package, they are pulled over at the border and subjected to a search of their vehicle. They pass the search and discover that the package they have is filled with wrapping paper and counterfeit money printed inside.

They bring the money to Rio's warehouse and he tells them their debt is forgiven.

Later, Dean informs Beth that the cops have been notified about the car missing from his lot. The ladies then decide to drown the car in a nearby lake.

The delay causes Annie to be late for her custody meeting.

Annie calls Rio to discuss something before episodes end.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Beth- You guys, he said if we do this, he'll forget about the money. And we're done. It's over.
Ruby- What if we don't?
Beth- That didn't seem like an option.

Annie- Don't hold the wheel like that.
Beth- How am I holding it?
Annie- Like you already have the drugs up your butt.