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Agent Turner asks the Boland's if they've noticed anything odd in the neighborhood and Beth assures him she hasn't.

Shortly thereafter, bags of money that need to be cleaned show up in the trunks of the ladies cars. They meet with Rio and discuss their concerns due to the FBI poking around. He tells them he isn't worried and he isn't taking the money back. They have to find a way to pay him back.

The ladies execute their plan to buy a large amount of appliances with the fake cash. Annie meets an employee at the electronics store and he comes over to her apartment. He leaves in the middle of the night and takes her receipt for the televisions she bought with him.

After tracking him to his apartment, the ladies discover he is married and he threw the receipt in the trash to hide any potential evidence. The ladies weed through the trash and eventually find the receipt.

Agent Turner stops by the Boland's again and shows Beth a picture of Rio. She denies knowing him but then later says she will talk to the agent later when her kids aren't around.

Ruby's daughter has a seizure and they find out that she hasn't been taking her medicine because she feels better and wanted to save it for when she wasn't feeling well.

Beth meets with Rio and he tells her to tell the FBI that they are having an affair.

Beth tells Agent Turner she had a one night stand with Rio.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Beth- Rio.
Annie- Okay.
Beth- His names Rio.
Ruby- Oh, is his name Rio?

Rio- This ain't the girls scouts. You can't give the cookies back.
Ruby- Aren't you worried about the FBI?
Rio- Nah.
Annie- See!