Midday Meeting - Good Girls Seaon 2 Episode 5
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Ruby tells Stan about her and the other ladies role in getting rid of Boomer's body and the two go over the night in detail. 

Annie tells Sadie that Gregg cheated on Nancy with her. 

Stan tells Ruby that the police have a witness in regards to Boomer's disappearance. This prompts the ladies to go to Rio, and they ask him to take care of the situation. In return, he asks for $200,000. 

Beth wants to get the money through the dealership, but she discovers that Dean is being blackballed at the car auction by his old fling, Amber. 

The ladies go to Amber and are able to get the inventory. Amber also reveals to Beth that Dean cheated on her multiple times. 

Stan finds out that the police tracked Boomer's phone and dogs picked up a scent that led them to the landfill. 

In order to make the money quickly, the dealership holds a huge sale. The ladies get the money to Rio. 

Annie discovers that Beth and Rio slept together. 

Beth tells Dean that they will be switching roles, as he will take over household responsibilities and she will take over at the dealership. 

After the police are unable to find the body, Turner goes to Mary Pat upset and she tells him that one of the ladies is married to a cop. 

Rio tells Beth that he has Boomer's body and is holding onto it. 

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Stan: Why'd you tell me?
Ruby: You said no more lies.
Stan: I'm an idiot.

Ruby: No one saw us, Stan.
Stan: That's what everybody says. And they all get caught.