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Callie tries to get Rebecca to do something about Handleman. Rebecca declines at first. 

Rebecca meets with her mother and discusses Handleman and other things. Her mother mentions that "men will be men" and keeps discussing how Becca's family name is how she achieved things. 

Rebecca tells Wilson that she's going to file a complaint against Handleman. Wilson backs her up. 

Rebecca leaves early for another opportunity in Denver. She leaves Callie a heartfelt not saying goodbye. 

Gael has to promote himself for his art show, but he doesn't know how to do it. He doesn't feel comfortable using his looks, her sexuality, or his race to get people's attention. He wants the work to speak for itself. 

Bryan offers to help him, and Mariana and Davia give him advice that he eventually takes to heart. 

Callie keeps stopping by under the guise of helping Jazmin, but the last time she makes a comment about Bryan. She and Gael argue and he tells her that she was using him for sex and she was OK being out in the open with Jamie. Bryan overhears their argument. 

Malika's brother visits her and brings a note from their mother. She doesn't read it but contemplates if she should see her. Mrs. Thompson encourages her to do so. She goes to visit, but it doesn't go well. 

Her mother wants her to apologize, doesn't take responsibility for her actions, and she needs money. Dom is enabling their mother and buying her alcohol. Malika calls him out and cuts ties. 

Callie asked Malika to not show up at the trial and sit beside Mrs. Thompson to make things easier for her, but Malika does anyway after declining Mrs. Thompson's invitation at first. 

Callie doesn't know what to think. Wilson rules in favor of the cops and Callie wonders if the chief of police bought Wilson. 



Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Mrs. Thompson: If I had a daughter I would want her to be just like you.
Malika: If I could have picked my mother, right back at you.

You have pretty loose lips for someone who has secrets of her own.