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Mariana goes out for drinks with Evan. He wants to ask her about dating. He confides in her about his Asperger's and how it affects his life, especially his dating life. 

She offers to help him with his dating profile. However, their former colleague Josh who Evan fired snaps a picture of them and shares it with everyone. 

Speckulate assumes that Mariana is sleeping with Evan, and Raj gets upset at Alex for making comments about it. They get into a physical altercation. Raj is also upset that Mariana never told him about meeting Evan. 

She clears the air with everyone and tells everyone she's dating Raj, but things are still tense between them. Alex and Raj make up though. 

Marcus continues to make comments suggesting Callie is priviliged while at work. She calls into work and attends a mixer at Jamie's job. She doesn't fit in with anyone there and thinks that she could never be with Jamie and be the perfect country club wife. She asks him if he's a republican, which he is, but he didn't vote for the president. 

She tries to explain to Marcus that she isn't this person he thinks she is, and he reminds her that his opinion of her shouldn't matter. 

She spends time helping Gael paint and fix up the Coterie. They talk about their love lives, and she's there to celebrate with him when he gets a glowing review for his art. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that Elijah paid for it. 

Alice goes to a comedy act by a comedian she's a fan of, and things get awkward when the comedian starts heckling her at the club. 

It's meanspirited, and it makes Alice feel bad, but becuase of Lindsay being nice to her later, she forgives. Joey doesn't trust Lindsay and knows about their past starting drama and tearing up relationships. But Alice is already sucked in. 

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Callie: How white is your firm?
Jamie: They're working on that.

Callie: I really appreciate you letting me help.
Gael: Yeah, well. You already know we work well together.