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Davia's mother, Bonnie, is coming into town again for plastic surgery, and she wants to spend  time with Davia. 

Davia tries to get Dennis to agree to go with her to meet her mother for dinner, but Dennis refuses. She also gets Dennis to take pictures of her for her Instagram followers promoting body positivity. 

She's very selective about which picture is best, and she airbrushes, uses filters, and edits the photo slimming herself before she posts it. Dennis questions her about it, but she doesn't respond much. 

Dennis recalls the first time he met Davia's mother. He was out at a bar with a date, and she and Davia were at the same bar Malika bartended at. 

Bonnie tried to get Davia to make a move on Dennis, but then she also spent the evening flirting with him and taking jabs at Davia. Davia left the bar early, and Dennis and Bonnie ended up getting drunk and hooking up. Dennis never told Davia about it. 

When Davia meets her mother, Bonnie continues to cut Davia down about her weight, and she says that Jeff is suffering after admitting to the affair. She wonders what happened to Dennis. 

Dennis shows up to support Davia and encourages her to eat and speaks about embracing one's body, but Bonnie questions if he ever dated a plus-sized woman before, and when Dennis stalls and Bonnie is happy to have proven her point, Davia takes off to the bathroom to collect herself. 

When she gets home later, she shuts Dennis out, but he refuses to leave her alone. She tells him about her past with an eating disorder and issues with her mother and insecurities. He encourags her to tell her mother how she feels, but she refuses to make her mom feel as awful as her mother made her feel. They hug, but there is some sexual tension between them, and he leaves. She thinks about him when she's texting Jeff. 

The women of Speckulate corner Mariana and talk to her about Raj. They tell her she either has to break up with Raj or remove him from her team because of the sexual harassment procedures they are trying to put into place. 

Evan tries to socialize and make small talk with Raj. Raj tells Evan about the glitch, and when Mariana goes to Evan to finally tell him and suggest he pay for the doubled cost out of her wages, he tells her Raj told him already and that since he's rich and it falls in him as CEO, he'll just pay for it. 

Raj expresses concern about Evan having feelings for Mariana. She dismisses them, but Evan asks her out for drinks to talk about her app.. 

It turns out Malika's father Joseph got evicted because of a report she filed about the apartment complex not having a working elevator. Joseph had to carry his neighbor down the stairs because the elevator was broken. Malika asks Callie for help. 

Callie started working at legal aid and she goes and serves up papers to the apartment complex but makes a mess of things. She gets help from her boss Teresa to fix it, but her other manager Marcus doesn't care for her. 

Isaac gives Joseph money to pay for his rent he's behinid it, but doesn't want him to share it with Malika. 

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Your first week here might be your last.


Evan: Hey man.
Raj: Hey.