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Malika invites her closest Coterie members to her birthday party via a card asking them to put together a performance piece inspired by a callout of hers as a present.

Malika goes to see Dennis to ask him if he'll come to her party. She gives him a card that mentions sharing a secret. He agrees to go, and he works on a duet with Davia. He tells her he slept with her mother, and he hates because of him not wanting to come between them, but he doesn't finish his initial thought on what it could interfere with.

Davia reassures him that she remembers that night and he didn't have sex with her mom, her mom wanted him to think they did.

They start singing together, but the words to Falling Slowly are hitting too close to home for them, and Davia wants to choose something else. At the party, Dennis shows up late, but he and Davia perform for Malika. Instead of the orginsl song Davia wants to sing, he puts her on the spot and makes her sing Falling Slowly, which makes them both emotional in front of everyone, but she dismissed it as acting.

Callie and Mariana bicker over finances. Callie keeps reminding Mariana of her debt, but Mariana reminds Callie of how she makes more money and has to pay for more things.

They take turns airing their dirty laundry to the group via performance, and it causes issues when Callie tells everyone including Raj that Mariana moved to the Coterie in part to be close to Gael.

Raj is insecure about not being Mariana's type. He also sees a text from Evan asking what an acronym propositioning sex was. She shared Evan's secret and tells Raj she can't keep convincing him she loves him. He eventually comes around.

Isaac dedicates a poem to Malika and Yari dedicates a spoken word piece to black girls while Malika performs.

Gael and Elijah are getting closer. Elijah talks Gael into putting himself out there more in the name of his art. Gael performs a dance number for Malika, and later Elijah talks him into cutting his hair.

Alice and Joey have a discussion about confidence and intimacy. Joey is wearing a binder and Alice has to adjust. They want Alice to be more comfortable with her sexuality. Alice puts on a sexy performance after getting all glammed up for Malika's birthday. Joey loves it.

Alice questions if Joey liked her more femme or just appreciated her confidence.

Callie and Jamie talk about him being a Republican and renouncing his party. He asks her to move in with him.

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I wanted to use my birthday to thank you all. When Alice brought me into the Coterie, she literally carved out a piece of her loft to give me a roof over my head. But she and all of you gave me so much more than that. You gave me my first home. My chosen family. Without you all I woudn't be graduating from college soon.


I had sex with your mom.