Malika's Ceremony - Good Trouble
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  • Malika hosts a New Moon ceremony.
  • Everyone has different thoughts pertaining to what's going on in their lives including Alice who thinks about Callie complimenting her and them making out.
  • Isaac plays cool when Malika says that she invited Dyontae.
  • Dyontae is the one who reminds Malika that a New Moon is coming up after he gives her a new crystal for her desk. She decides to get back into her spirtualism and charging her crystals. 
  • Davia invites Matt, but she's giving off the vibe that she's interested in Gael which makes things awkward. 
  • Isaac and Dyontae arrive at the same time which makes Malika feel awkward. 
  • Raj wants his belongings back but doesn't want to see Mariana. It makes her feel mixed up. Her friend and colleague Claire tells her that there's something important going on wtih Raj that she has to tell Mariana, so Mariana is distracted by that on the night of the ceremony. 
  • Davia appears to be trying to set Matt up with Gael.
  • Claire tells Mariana that she and Raj have been talking and she wanted to talk to Mariana first to get her blessing before they started dating. Raj shows up to get his belongings, and things are awkward between them, especially knowing that Mariana lied about keeping his NASA shirt. They are interrupted by some furry critter that makes them both flee to the bathroom and hide.
  • Malika and Dyontae continue to vibe and she appears to be considering open relationships. 
  • Callie is thinking about Gael again, and Alice is now thinking about Callie.
  • Raj and Mariana are still stuck in the bathrooms after contacting Animal Control and finding out it'll be a couple of hours before they can come. 
  • Callie comes to check on Mariana and looks under the bed when she hears the noises. Gael goes to find a pot and finds her. They end up in a closet together at first. 
  • They all eventually realize that its a couple of raccoons in The Coterie. Davia and Matt are stuck in her room. 
  • Malika ends up alone with Dyontae and Isaac finishing out the last of the ritual.
  • Davia is still trying to set Matt up with Gael because she thinks that he's bisexual because of his advocation for LBGTQ programs.
  • Davia opens up to him about Dennis who told her he doesn't want her to wait for him. She eventually takes Matt up on his drinks. 
  • The raccoons belong to Kelly. 
  • Mariana gives Raj the heads up about Claire and they seem to be on good terms. 
  • Callie overhears Alice telling Davia that she's in love with her but Davia helps Alice understand that it's about her relationship with Ruby and taking the lead.
  • Isaac asks Malika why she didn't tell him about Dyontae being poly, and if she wants to be in a relatinship with Dyontae too.



Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Davia: Why are you staring at Callie like that?
Alice: Can you keep a secret?
Davia: Well, it depends. How juicy? Yeah, fine, go ahead.
Alice: I think I'm in love with Callie.

Malika: So I'm having this New Moon ceremony this weekend, I know it's not your thing.
Isaac: It's your thing, though. I want to support.
Malika: OK. I invited Dyontae too.
Isaac: Cool.