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  • Malika is having a tough time dreaing of being in jail and her mother dying. 
  • Marinana's Byte Club friend Rachel is staying with them. 
  • Jamie and Callie chat about her client and she wonders why he's working there. He needed any job he could after what happened. He presents his deal, the one he's authorized to make, but it's no good, and Callie challenges it. The DA that Kathleen knows overhears and presents a better deal that Callie takes. Jamie is annoyed. 
  • Callie and her coworkers decide to compete at darts for a chance at the other abandoned office. One bows out knowing that the other only wants to be alone with Callie because of a crush he has on her. 
  • Alice is doing well in her program, but she's discovering that  they are choosing her and measuring her funny ablities based on the Chinese accent she does when imitating her mother. 
  • The other comics of color have caught on that their teacher and the others are making a mockery of Asians.
  • Malika and Dyontae interview a bunch of women for the new program they're trying to start for women in need of childcare. 
  • Mariana is getting annoyed with Rachel staying with her and being nosy, and it's hard for her to hide that she's seeing Evan.
  • The woman who was nice to Callie in a bathroom while she's hanging out with her coworker turns out to be Nicolette, someone who is there with Jamie, and Callie and Jamie feel awkward about it. Afterward, Callie uses her drink hangout with her coworker who does like her to make Jamie jealous.
  • Lindsay and Alice talk about the issues they deal with as what makes them different is mocked in their field. 
  • Jamie apologizes to Callie for the akwardness of the other day while she and Tony are playing darts. She leaves after he does and swerves Tony. 
  • Mariana accidentally says she loves Evan when he's expressing trying to help her, but she declines his help. 
  • Katheleen and Callie sitdown to ask some questions at at a depo from the officers who beat Jerod. Callie finds out that Nicolette is Jamie's superior. 
  • Katheleen let's Callie take charge of asking questions first because she knows that they won't take her seriously, but they slowly reveal that the deputies are all in a gang together with the same tattoo, and beating Jerod was an initiation process. The one deputy, a Latin man name Fernandez was in the dark about all of it and prime for flipping.
  • Malika watches the video of the women she interviewed, thinks about her mother, and she breaks down crying. She talks to her boss about her feelings. 
  • The writers don't like it as much when Alice switches up her routine to avoid Asian stereotype stuff. One of her colleagues does think that you have to play along a bit to get along. 
  • Tony let's Callie know that he's aware she was making Jamie jealous and using him, and he doesn't mind. 
  • They drop the charges against Jerod and he gets a settlement if they sign an NDA. 
  • Mariana concedes and lets Evan help her. 
  • Malika gets the number of a therapist from Dyontae. 
  • Jamie wants to talk. He meets up with Callie and the talk about ending things amicably. He tells her that he doens't want to be friends, but they can be professional. He tells her that the FBI are investigating Katheleen, and Callie blows up at him. 
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I served my time, but when I got out, no one would give me a job or a place to live.


Are you going to get me fired from this job too?

Jamie [to Callie]