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  • Callie catches up with Ben, her former colleague from Wilson's office. She has him looking into if Kathleen is getting invested. 
  • Kathleen's office chooses to take on a case of an athelete accused of murdering his best friend and competition. 
  • The Byte Club are testing out their pitching skills and Jane falls through.
  • Gael lets Davia bring her kids to Yuri's studio to make art. 
  • Malika tells her new therapist that she's seeing that she is confused about her relationship. She told Isaac that she's not interested in Dyonte. 
  • Alice's comedian mentor running the workshop is still racist.
  • Alice tries to take more control in her relationship with Ruby.
  • Katheleen has to sit down with Mark,the same DA, and also Jamie and Nicolette which seems to rattle Callie. It may be the plan.
  • Malika's friends tell her to focus on Isaac even after she admits to her therapist that she has feelings for Dyonte. 
  • Davia talks up Gael to Yuri, and she may have given him an edge. 
  • Callie tells Kathleen about the FBI investigation and Kathleen isn't suprrsed. The two talk about losing their mothers, and Kathleen tells her that Jamie will be put on the case to rattle her, and that she has to rattle back.
  • Callie posts a picture of her and Tony to make Jamie jealous.
  • Yuri asks the students their honest opinion about his work. Whenthey say they don't get it or feel anything, he destroys his painting.
  • Ruby catches Alice making jokes about Scott and the diversity program. Alice still plays up that she's dating someone else. She breaks up with her.
  • Ben updates Callie about Kathleen and that she is getting investigated,but Callie doesn't want to know more. While in court, Kathleen asks for a continuance and has to come up with a big plan to wow the judge.
  • Mark tells Jamie that nothing Kathleen does matters since she's going down with the investigation.
  • Malika with the help of her therapist tells Isaac that she wants to be in a relationship with Dyonte too.
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Malika: I guess I'm here because everyone thinks I need to talk to someone.
Therapist: Who's everyone?
Malika: Well, uh, my boyfriend, Isaac, and a friend at work.
Therapist: And what do you think?
Malika: I think I'm a little confused.

Our first murder case. This is big! We should get a picture.