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  • Gael has a flashback to his first time going to confessional as a kid.
  • Gael calls a roommate meeting to tell them that Isabella is staying there, but he backs out of telling them the real reason when he feels too ashamed and like they may judge him.
  • Mariana: Why are mom and dad fighting? 
  • Davia and Dennis disagree on the Isabella development.
  • Alice is unsure if she wants to return to the comedy program again. Ruby wants her back to help fix the PR.
  • Malika is too ashamed to tell her other friends about Isaac. 
  • Kathleen, Callie and the others meet with the accident guy to come up with a theory for the case proving the death was an accident.
  • Mariana goes to a job interview but it feels like when Speckulate misled her.
  • Alice returns and is welcomed back and celebrated.
  • Malika talks to her therapist. 
  • Isabella apologizes to Mariana, and they make up. 
  • Mariana figures out that Isabella is pregnant.
  • Malika talks to her dad about shame.
  • Scott is back at the diversity program.
  • Gael tries to clear the air with Davia and tells her the truth about Isabella and the pregnancy. 
  • Mariana accidentally lands a job at Katheleen's office as a receptionist. 
  • Alice begrudingly agrees to give Scott a second chance and the others follow suit.
  • Malika gets a tattoo.
  • Gael tells everyone about ISabella and they all support them. 
    Dennis tells everyone about Jacob and they have a group hug surprisingly instigted by Kelly. 
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Therapist: Issac could've chosen to stay and work things out but he chose to leave.
Malika: It's still my fault.
Therapist: Can you describe what you're feeling right now?
Malika: Ashamed.
Therapist: Shame is judgment turned into ourselves for things we often have no control over. It's usually rooted in childhood when we felt humiliated by a parent, or teacher, or peer. And we carry these painful wounds around inside us these feelings that are bad or that we ruin everything.

Malika: I wish I never told Isaac about Dyontae. I should've listened to my girls and just ...
Therapist: Suppressed your feelings?