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Mariana has a nightmare about feeling overwhelmed and drowning in all the things happening to her at once. And the opener is the darker version of the series.

The lawyer tells Mariana that unless she can raise $20 mil to fight it that she needs to tell Evan he's losing his company or he will do it himself.

Alice prepares for the Ferret trio to come to the Coterie to work.

Luca is hanging out and learning from Ladle when the guy he stole money from attacks him and demands his money. Dennis' partner finds him and stops it and gives Luca money to pay the guy off because he doesn't want him near the restaurant.

Gael and Jazmin overhear a woman being anti-trans at the doctor's office. He apologizes to Jazmin for not saying anything. And she says she didn't know what to do either, but it's a new thing for her to be a trans parent or for Gael being a queer parent.

Kelly fangirls over the trio, and they love it and Sumi introduces herself to them, and they love her too.

Joaquin talks to Jenna about Sila and the Farm. He tells her he wants to go back there, and she tells him that he needs to stay away.

Mariana tells Evan about the board wanting to take over, and he doesn't handle the news well and wonders why he put himself in this position. He freaks out when she tries to touch him, and Mariana feels more overwhelmed than ever.

Sumi is angry at Alice for telling their business.

The BB girls say they're worried about Mariana and want her to come back and also that she should see a therapist.

Mariana gets upset when Joaquin pushes her out of helping him find Madison, the missing girl. She feels frustrated because he doesn't want to put her in harm's way.

Jenna reaches out to Silas and says she made a mistake leaving the farm. She wants to meet him, and he agrees.

The siblings ask Mariana about her experience growing up with queer parents and what to do about it. They seek her advice.

Luca gives the man money, but someone else sees him and gets some ideas.

The Ferret Trio give Alice some great advice on how to deal with Sumi and arguing in their relationship.

At the baby class Gael, Spencer, and Jazmin introduce themselves and their parenting and family situation, and the person who was being transphobic before appears awkward.

Alice and Sumi make up.

Dennis partner paid the mysterious guy off to beat up the dude that was harassing Luca, and Luca sees it. Dennis' partner says that Luca owes him..

The woman in the baby class apologizes to Jazmin, and she educates her in turn.

The meetup with Silas was a setup. Joaquin shows up at the restaurant to meet with Silas.

Marianan shows up after Joaquin speaks to Silas. She gives him some new information. She finds a game account that Madison is presumably using, and she proves to Joaquin that he needs her help.

Evan calls Mariana, saying he knows what to do with his company and needs her help.

When Joaquin returns home, Jenna has packed her bags and says that she has to leave. She can't be part of this whole thing anymore and needs to check into a counseling center for survivors of cults.

Morty tells Alice that he found out the show is getting canceled, and he didn't have the heart to tell the others yet because it's all they have.

Evan wants to liquidate all of his assessments to get his money back, including Bulk Beauty. Mariana is on the verge of breaking down.

Gael finds new inspiration and creates a mural in honor of trans parents like his sister



Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Sumi: Why are you sharing our personal life with your co-workers?
Alice: That's what we do in writer's rooms; we share personal experiences, and it helps us relate to the characters.
Sumi: You are writing for ferrets!
Alice: Ferrets are people too! Sort of.

Evan needs to know he's about to lose his company, and if you don't tell him, I will.