Spotted - Gossip Girl (2021)
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Julien's father tries to get through to her but she's unconvinced.

She meets one of the girls from the messages but the account is following her.

The woman runs.

Riley then agrees to meet her and Gossip Girl has sent out a blast to live stream Julien.

Kate luve streams her and she is seen telling the woman to stay quiet for now.

The world thinks Julien is trying to silence survivors of sexual assault.

But Nick had told them to keep the woman quiet or it would discredit Laura who lied for Riley and derail any sort of case.

Aki wants to date Rex and Audrey is open to it, but Aki is not open to Audrey dating someone else.

They go on their respective dates and we see that they both enjoy them.

Unfortunately, they both say they didn't.

Max arrives and says he wants to ... but he is cut off.

Aki and Audrey want to be alone together and not with anyone else.

Max is now out in the cold, leading him on a very different path than before.

What does this mean for him? He's alone.

His fathers are moving on and he feels left behind.


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Gossip Girl (2021) Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nick: Trust the process.
Lawyer: No statements. No posts. Not online. Not in person.

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