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Zoya arrives at the school and Julien and her pals look her up and down.

Julien then meets her in the toilet and they are so excited. They're sisters and Julien has constructed a plan to bring her into her social circle.

The issue is, their fathers hate each other and Julien's friends hate freshman and new people.

Julien invites her to a party and she reluctantly agrees.

Julien is rude to a teacher and they all decide to band together to create Gossip Girl again, but their attempts fall flat when they make it on Twitter.

The game changes when the move the party to Instagram.

The teachers use the entrance papers to reveal that Julien paid for her sister to attend the school, revealing some big fractures in her friendships.

Obie finds himself getting close to Zoya after they leave the party and a teacher gets a snap of them.

Gossip Girl reveals a photo of them together, but Julien realizes there's bigger fish to fry and tells her sister they will cause problems for the blogger.

At a big fashion party, one of Julien's friends steals Zoya's phone and shares a photo of Max's penis with everyone.

Zoya is thrown out of the event. This is the last straw for Zoya, who says they are done.

Obie dumps Julien after the sisters fight.

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Gossip Girl (2021) Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Hello, followers. Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source for the truth behind the scandalous lies of New York's elite. Been a minute. Did you miss me? I know I've missed you. Though you're probably going to wish I'd stayed away when I'm done. Because I can see you. Not the you you've oh-so-carefully curated. The real you. The one hiding just outside the edge of frame. Well, it's time to reframe that picture. You've gotten away with everything a little too long. Now that I'm back I'm going to feature your finstas, surface those subtweets, and crack your caches. You can't hide from me. Never could.

Gossip Girl

When I was a student, we lived under constant threat. People like Nate [Archibald] were scared straight. It was this thing that started freshman year, called itself Gossip Girl. Kind of like an Orwellian Big Sister that kept tabs on the students it deemed important. If she knew your secrets, and she always did, she told them. She kept us all accountable. People thought it was me, but it was actually one of my classmates, Dan Humphrey. It was ridiculous. I wouldn’t even read it.