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The sisters are more divided than ever because Zoya feels like she knows the truth.

Obie and Julien meet and they agree not to see each other again.

At the school, Zoya asks them both over for thanksgiving and Obie says he will be with Aki.

Aki tells her he is not spending time with Obie and Zoya feels like she now knows what's happening.

Julien realizes she does love Obie, but Obie tells Zoya he loves her and it goes all over Gossip Girl.

Julien confronts Obie and they wind up kidding, and someone takes a photo and sends it to Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl has been taken over by Rafa. He wants the teachers to steal the phone and delete the video or he'll expose them.

Max's father is still upset about his father's betrayal and the arrival of Saskia complicates matters.

Somehow, everyone winds up at Nick and Zoya's for dinner and Aki confronts Obie.

Obie says he will be spending Thanksgiving night "fucking" Max and Audrey.

Davis reveals he did the unthinkable by telling the hospital not to let anyone in because he was still legally the mother's husband. Nick was robbed of his daughter's birth and a last moment with his girlfriend.

The girls are mad but Nick says he would have did the same thing.

Zoya realizes Julien and Obie slept together and tells them she is done with them.

Julien tries to get through to her but she's done with her messiness and they all start to leave.

Max tells his fathers about the sex with Rafa and Jordan videos him saying it wasn't Rafa's fault.

Rafa gives the teachers back control of Gossip Girl and tells the principal he had sex with a student and leaves the job.

Lola reveals she's engaged to Davis at Thanksgiving but nobody cares because they are all caught up in their own drama.

She then gets drunk and tells Kate she's worried he only wants to marry her to stop her from testifying against him.

The teachers are more in control than ever, and gear up to start a new wave of Gossip.

Zoya is sent a photo of Julien and Obie kissing as she prepares to move on.


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Three's too many, don't you think?


Good morning, followers. In New York, Thanksgiving is more than a day to plan seating charts, triple check that New York Times recipe, and brace for family arguments. Thanksgiving is also the favored holiday of yours truly. It's a time to be grateful for what matters and this year, I'm most grateful for you. For your secrets, your lies, and all the tips you've given me. So try to enjoy the Tryptophan and relax.

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