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This episode of Gossip Girl started out with Serena and Nate making out in the kitchen with whipped cream and strawberries, with Blair, not to be outdone, wanting them to know she's having a nice time herself - while flipping through a fashion magazine and moaning.

Chuck finally meets her mother. Not that it was an easy affair. As messed up as Chuck is, he went to great lengths to stalk Elizabeth Fisher but when he finally confirmed that she was indeed his mom as it were, he decided he'd rather have a drink than catch up.

But thanks to S not being able to mind her own business, Elizabeth had another chance to enter the world of Chuck, only to be rebuked anew, this time via a check and the subtext that she's out for nothing but money.

Naturally, Serena somehow made the Chuck's mom fiasco about herself again, eventually realizing that her own dad doesn't want to be found.

Chuck revealed to Blair that he actually wanted her mom to do well on the "test," and that as soon as he dished out that check, he wanted her to not take it.

Ultimately, he realized that he wanted to know about his mom, after all. Blair initially said she wanted Chuck to be happy, which pretty much said everything on how far she's comes.

She realized that never mind back-handed tricks and complicated schemes, sometimes, honesty actually works.

To top it all off, at the end of the episode, Chuck actually smiles!

Jenny, meanwhile, is all sorts of mixed up with bad news Damien, who wants her to go with him on deliveries. They get busted by Lily, and Jenny dumps his pills on the floor to make a point. Damien then lies, kind of, and says the pills are his dad's. He stole them to keep them safe.

Rufus still attempts to ground Jenny, but she runs off with him! Rufus has his own issues with Lily, and they are only going to multiply after Vanya brought his scarf back to Lily ... from Rufus' lady friend's apartment.

Oh, and Dan and Vanessa are totally hooking up now. It's kind of weird. They both pretended as if they had significant others, but really just want each other. Eh, we can kinda see it.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Nate: But Bart told you your mother died in childbirth!
Chuck: He also told me kids wear suits to kindergarten and blue-chip stocks are great for birthday gifts.

Serena: Since when do you cook?
Nate: Honestly, I didn't even know we had a fridge until this morning.