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Chuck is giving away lots of money in the name of philanthropy. Yes, Chuck. He is now under the influence of wonderful Eva.

He’s planning to announce a new $5 million charity at a gala, which Serena makes Blair promise not to go to.

Both recognize the other can't move on, so S makes B swear she won't stalk Chuck, and B makes S swear she won’t go on Gossip Girl and stalk Nate and Dan.

Both fail.

Serena ends up spending the day with Dan, who’s avoiding talking about his own feelings over the whole Milo situation.

Blair follows Eva to Cartier, where she sells the expensive watch Chuck gave her. Busted! Except that she did it to help Chuck’s valet Ivan get the money to save his mother’s house.

Blair volunteers to help Eva pick which charity Chuck should give his money too, and Dan Googles Eva to discover she formerly a prostitute.

Dan tells Nate about Eva, and Nate tells Chuck, who acts like he already knew.

When Blair hears he’s going to be giving his $5 million to Eva, for a charity in her name, she takes Chuck’s passport from Ivan, who’s been given Mr. Bass’ personal effects by Lily.

She plants it in Eva’s bag. Later, Chuck busts her, but not until after Eva leaves, disgusted, and he declares war on her.

Meanwhile, Juliet continues to play Nate, for reasons still unknown, and Dan chooses Vanessa over Serena after seeing the latter waffling as usual.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Chuck gave Eva a limited edition Baignoire Cartier watch. Gossip Girl even has a whole thread where people can guess how much it costs.


Dorota: Sorry, Miss Blair. No papers today. I think maybe 8H steal them again.
Blair: Dorota. We both know it was you, not Susan Lucci, who took my papers. But there's no point. It's all over the Internet.