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  • Chuck and Blair hide out after Bart’s accident. Uncle Jack shows up to help them. He recommends they get married and they decide to do so.
  • Blair and Chuck get married in front of their closest friends and family before being questioned by police. Bart’s death is ruled an accident.
  • William shows up to be by Lily’s side after the death of Bart. Ivy tries to tell Lily the truth about her relationship with William who confesses to his young girlfriend that all he ever wanted was to be back with the mother of his children.
  • Serena comes back after reading the final chapter that Dan had left in her bag. 
  • Nate and Sage spend time going over the Gossip Girl research trying to figure out who it is to save the Spectator.
  • Dan decides to give his final piece to Nate to publish on The Spectator. He reveals the identity of Gossip Girl - who is none other than Dan Humphrey himself!
  • A five year time jump shows Blair and Chuck happily married with their son, Henry. Nate is doing well with his paper. Everyone is gathered, including Jenny and Eric, to watch Serena and Dan get married. 
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