Watch Gotham Season 1 Episode 20 Online to see Jim continue his hunt for the Ogre. But the Ogre may have set his sights on someone Jim loves.

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Watch Gotham Season 1 Episode 20 Online right here via TV Fanatic. Jim and Harvey uncover the truth about the Ogre, but the serial killer has made a new target. Oswald continues his battle with Sal, and Bruce and Selina attend a charity ball. Plus, Edward makes a major decision.

Episode Details

On Gotham Season 1 Episode 20, Gordon finds that the Ogre has targeted someone close to him while Bruce and Selena expose corruption at Wayne Enterprises.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (10 Votes)
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Gotham Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Selina: Everyone's staring at us.
Bruce: Well, I am Bruce Wayne.

Jim: I do. Love you.
Leslie: It only took a serial killer to get you to say that.