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Briggs meets Ari at his office. He can't remember last night. His fingers are burned. Ari pulls a gun on Briggs.

Briggs explains they went out for drinks and he left to do laundry. Ari pulls the trigger, but it's empty. He doesn't know where the bullets are. He also found a different brand of cigarettes in his pocket, one he doesn't smoke.

Ari leads Briggs to the trunk of his car. The key is broken in the lock, so they open it with a crowbar. They find two gallons of gasoline and a receipt to a gas station.

They drive to the gas station. Once inside, the clerk immediately opens fire on them. Ari fires back. Briggs tells Ari to put the gun down and approaches the clerk -- it's Mike.

Flashback: Charlie preps Mike with makeup. She's concerned he isn't ready. Mike admits he's not ready. Charlie jokes about an entire lock box of oxy, but Mike is done with pain killers. 

Briggs takes the gun from Mike. Ari and Briggs interrogate him. There's no security footage, but Mike tells Ari he was drunk and bought two gallons of gas. Ari became angry when they didn't have his brand of cigarettes and hit him. Mike tells Ari he paid with Layla's credit card.

Martun Sarkissian pulls up in a black SUV.

Flashback: Dale and Johnny call Martun and inform him about Layla's credit activity. It is data Martun requested. Dale and Johnny text Briggs that Martun is on the way. Briggs plants the gas station receipt in Ari's trunk.

Ari tells Mike to pretend he doesn't know anything or he'll kill him. Ari and Briggs meet Martun outside and he informs them Layla is missing. The clerk (Mike) tells Martun's nephew he knows nothing. Martun believes Layla is at the family cabin. 

Ari and Briggs follow Martun to the cabin. As they drive, Martun has another memory from last night.

Flashback: Ari doesn't remember how much he drank, but he does remember Layla came to the bar wearing a red dress. She whispered in his ear, "Do me in the desert."

Martun searches the cabin, but it's empty. They discover footprints and signs of a dragged body.

Flashback: Johnny drags Dale in a tarp. They put monkey bones, Layla's ring and a Desert Hotel key in a barrel. Johnny is uncomfortable with setting Ari's death into motion. Dale argues Ari set everything into motion. It might not be the best way to get justice, but it is justice. Ari has to go. Dale lights the barrel on fire. 

Martun and Ari find the burned bones and ring. Martun believes Layla is dead. They notice the cigarette butt. Briggs believes the killer hesitated.

Martun loses it and attacks Briggs. He's about to kill him for speaking Layla's name. Briggs apologizes and offers to help find the killer.

They find the hotel key. Martun's nephew suggests they call "their guy" in the police department, but Ari wants to keep it in the family. Martun doesn't care how they find the killer as long as he tortures him when they do.

Ari is impressed Briggs didn't offer up his name to Martun. They go to the Desert Hotel. Ari tells Briggs if he burns - they both do.

Flashback: Charlie and Mike prep the room and discuss which case Mike wants to take on next. They stage the murder scene while they discuss Mike's vision. Charlie asks for Mike's help on one of her cases and Mike agrees.

Ari and Briggs find the bloody hotel room.

Briggs is convinced Ari didn't kill Layla. Ari wouldn't have been so sloppy. They clean the hotel room, but Ari decides to burn it down. When Ari lights the match, it triggers another memory.

Flashback: Ari burns his fingers lighting his cigarette. The bartender (Dale) offers him another drink. He laces it with GHB. Layla comes into the bar. It's Paige in a red dress and wig. She's wearing Layla's ring. She whispers, "Do me in the desert." Ari passes out and Dale loads Ari into the car.

The flashback continues as Paige meets Charlie and Mike at Ari's office. Johnny and Dale arrive soon after and the team stages the car scene. Paige crashes Ari's car. Johnny plants the gasoline and breaks the key in the ignition. Charlie leaves a lipstick stain on Ari's collar. Mike smears Ari in blood and plants the cigarettes. Paige burns Ari's fingers with a match.

Ari remembers something. He makes a call to Martun. Then pulls a gun on Briggs and forces him back into the hotel room. 

Charlie is posing as a maid at the hotel. She's worried. Briggs and Ari have been in the hotel room for an hour. Dale tells her to stay calm.

Ari receives a phone call. Then he forces Briggs into his car by gun point. Dale tells Charlie to call back up. She chases after Ari and Briggs, but they pull away too quickly.

Ari tells Briggs he realizes someone very clever is pulling the strings. He realized the wrong fingertips were burned. There's only one man who could pull this all together -- Briggs.

Flashback: Layla pulls into a hotel. She's meeting Colby. Colby tells Layla Ari wants to elope. He tells Layla to make herself comfortable and take a bath. He laces her drink with GHB. Once Layla passes out, Colby gives Layla's ring, dress and shoes to Paige. The next morning, Layla is still passed out. Colby handcuffs her to the bed post. He goes to the vending machine for a soda. When he returns the door is ajar. Martun has found him.

Ari leads Briggs to the bathroom of Colby's hotel room. Martun and Layla are gone, but Colby is dead in the bathtub -- skinned. Ari tells Briggs they need to talk.


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Graceland Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

One could argue, Logan set this into motion. He put Briggs in a corner. This is what happens. I would argue that Ari set this into motion.


This might not be the best way to get justice, but these are the cards we've been dealt man. I think we all can agree-- Ari Adamain has got to go.