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Briggs and Ari discuss Colby's death. Martun believes Colby wanted Layla for himself. He also knows the truth about Ari and Laya. Ari is out. Even though Colby didn't give up anyone, Ari is convinced Briggs was working with him. He threatens to kill Briggs if he ever sees him again.

Briggs meets with Logan. If Ari isn't second in line anymore, he's worthless to Logan. Logan wants to arrest Ari and gives Briggs an out. Briggs refuses. He wants Martun Sarkissian arrested.

Briggs returns to Graceland and informs the team about Colby's death. The team is fed up. They are tired of people dying. They never arrest anyone anymore. They are out. Paige is the only one who agrees to help Briggs arrest Sarkissian.

Briggs visits Mike's room. Mike refuses to give Briggs absolution. Briggs admits he made a mistake and is looking for enlightenment. Briggs and Mike discuss his vision again. Mike still doesn't know what it means. Briggs encourages Mike to stay on the path.

Mike searches for a relationship between the clock hands, birds and 47.  He researches day and night, while taking Oxy. After ten days, he finds a case with all the elements of his vision.

Mike has been tracking an undisclosed parcel pick up between two parties: Vin XXX and Huma9. V is the shape the clocks make at 10:10. X is the roman numeral for ten. Huma9 is a mythological creature equivalent to the phoenix. When the bird rises from the ashes it's red. The parcel pick up number is 11-47-11. The team is uncertain, but Briggs is impressed. Mike asks for Briggs' help staking out the exchange.

Johnny wants to discuss Lucita with Briggs. Briggs promised to help Johnny get Lucita out. Johnny is frustrated by the lack of results. Briggs tells Johnny he's working on it.

Mike and Briggs stake out the exchange. Vin XXX, a young kid, shows up and loads something into his trunk. Then, they follow him to a bowling alley. Mike decides to go undercover to find out what's in the trunk. 

Briggs and Mike research Vin XXX. His name is Gustie, a Polynesian repeat offender with aspirations to be a stunt man. Briggs suggests Dale help Mike go undercover.

Briggs visits Ari. He threatens to kills Briggs. Briggs dares Ari to pull the trigger. He challenges Ari to take what is his. Either trust him or kill him. Ari agrees to work with Briggs again.

Mike and Dale pretend to do a deal. Gustie warns Mike that Dale is a cop. Mike refuses Dale's deal.  Dale tries to arrest Mike and they struggle. Mike escapes and Gustie offers him a job.

Charlie is running late for a flight. She's moving a shipment of Oxy in hopes it will lead her to Germaine. Mike steals some Oxy from the drug safe.

Mike meets Gustie at his apartment. He meets his wife Madison. Gustie is boiling dynamite to make nitroglycerine. Mike warns Gustie how unstable it is. Gustie asks Mike to help pour, which he does reluctantly.

Gustie wants to blow up a dentist office. The dentist treats illegal immigrants. He charges little, but steals his patients' gold teeth. They blow up the safe  with the nitroglycerine and steal the gold teeth.

Briggs and Johnny discuss the plan. Briggs is using the Casa cartel to help extricate Lucita from Carlito. If Johnny straps a white flag to his car the Casa Cartel will let him go.

The Casa cartel attacks the Solano compound. Johnny gets Lucita and puts a white flag under the hood of his car. Carlito holds a gun to Johnny's head. Carlito forces Johnny to sneak him out too.  

Johnny rolls the car. Carlito is injured badly. Lucita tells Johnny to kill Carlito, but he arrests him instead. Lucita realizes she would've killed her own brother. She's believes she's just like her brother and father. She breaks up with Johnny because they'll never work in the long run.

Mike and Gustie split the gold teeth. Gustie changes his shirt and Mike notices a scar on his side. Mike checks the trunk and immediately begins taking pictures.

The team meets at the bar to celebrate Johnny's arrest. Paige agrees to go undercover with Briggs to bring down the Sarkissians.

Mike shows Briggs the photos. Gustie has Soviet CW unit, containing a weapon of mass destruction, in the trunk of his car. Mike and Briggs need to find out what kind of WMD Gustie has, why he has it and who he's delivering it to. 


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Graceland Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

We don't do our jobs anymore. We don't bust bad guys anymore. Somethings not working.


Justice? When do we ever have justice? Everything we do ends up with a body.