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-Teresa shows Mateo who the boss is.

-Javi is back.

-Alicia is drunk on love.

-Ingrid is suspcious that someone is staying in 606. 

-Heather is trying to get Danny back.

-Santiago finds out that the girls are hiding Felix at the hotel. 

-Gigi and Santiago fight over Felix. 

-Santiago threatens to call the police on Felix.

-Alicia and Heather meet. 

-Sky had the obituary for Beatriz.

-The detective thinks that Mateo is involved in Sky's disappearance. 

-Ingrid tries to start over with Mateo, but he rejects it to protect her.

-Mateo tells Teresa about Felix.

-Alicia and Heather find out that they have Danny in common.

-Gigi tells Felix he needs to leave. 

-Felix wants Gigi and the girls to leave with him.

-Javi is trying to get Jason some action. 

-Teresa comes to the Riviera Grand to confront Santiago about Felix.

-Teresa wants Santiago to help find the money Felix has stolen, and she will forgive his debts.

-Heather wants Danny to realize that Sky is probably dead. 

-Danny asks Heather not to tell Alicia the truth. 

-Teresa and Mrs. P meet.

-Yoli is thinking about going with Felix and asks Marissa to come with her. 

-Javi thinks that Jason should sleep with someone to get over Ingrid. 

-Mrs. P tells Alicia about Danny making up his resume. 

-Santiago goes to Felix to find out the location of the money. 

-Felix accuses Santiago of killing Beatriz. 

-Felix tries to use Santiago attacking him to convince Gigi to come with him.

-Alicia goes to Heather to try to get information about Danny, but Heather protects his secrets.

-Jason takes Javi's advice. 

-Gigi is taking Felix's side. 

-Marissa is an undocumented immigrant.

-Danny brings Teresa's picture to the detective who tells him that she is the suspected head of the Biscayne crime syndicate. 

-Jason sleeps with one of the Bachelorette Party girls.

-Teresa wants to set up shop in the Rivieria Grand.

-Danny tells Alicia the truth and she fires him. 

Grand Hotel
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Gigi: What is wrong with you?
Felix: What?
Gigi: Asking them to go with you?
Felix: Not just them, you too. After all these years all the places I've been, I've still never met anyone that comes close to you.

Ingrid: Mateo, I know we've had our issues, but with everything that's happened I was just really hoping that we could start over. Friends?
Mateo: Don't read into my kindness, Ingrid. We're coworkers, that's it.