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In the season premiere of Greek, the ZBZ girls are dealing with the guilt of setting the Gamma Psi house on fire, and several relationships are tested as a result of the incidents of the Fall semester.

The episode opens with a group of ZBZ girls dressed in fairy tale regalia digging a hole in the middle of the woods. They are burying something, and we have a good idea that it's something related to the fire. Back at the ZBZ house, everyone is talking about the fire. Casey relentlessly reminds the sisters that the fire is still under investigation and they don't know for sure that it's their fault!

Until they find out that it was their fault. One of the hot firemen tells them that the fire was caused by a candle that was left in the common room, right where Rebecca left it - a jasmine candle! YIKES! But it was ruled an accident after all, so will their guilt be abated? 

The Gamma Psi girls will be throwing a fundraiser to rebuild their house, a fairy-tale themed ball, and they expect the ZBZ girls to support them. Gulp! Katherine reveals that she knows an outsider was in the Gamma Psi house since she was certain that she had blown out that candle before they left...

The stress of this secret is causing major tension between Casey and Cappie. Casey wants to tell him the truth, but Ashleigh urges her not to. Ashleigh is very cynical that Casey's relationship will last, given their history. Ashleigh, however, is particularly jaded, since she just broke up with Fisher (again) over Christmas break, since he cheated on her (again!). 

Cappie is also stressed over the expulsion of his brothers, the consequence of Evan's treachery. His friendship with Evan is over and three of his brothers were forced to leave school. Rusty has offered to take over Wade's role as pledge educator. Though Cappie agrees, he seems to undermine Rusty whenever possible. He can't seem to let Rusty take Wade's place, and Cappie is taking it out on Rusty, and sometimes being short with Casey too.

Rusty is concerned that his pledges don't take him seriously. He brings in Dale for reinforcement, since Dale has demonstrated his prowess as a leader. He has taken on two personal interns who follow his every beck and call. Dale instills fear in the pledges, which transfers to Rusty. Rusty takes it a step too far, using Wade's meat cleaver for more than effect - he accidentally cuts off a pledge's toe! 

Meanwhile in the Omega Chi house, Calvin was excited for Grant to come back from break because the plan was for them to come out as a couple. This plan depended on Grant coming out to his parents over vacation. Unfortunately, he didn't have the nerve, and Calvin decides he doesn't want to continue this secret relationship. 

Romance is re-blossoming between Rebecca and Evan. They run into each other on campus and it's extremely awkward, but Evan actually apologizes later and thanks Rebecca for "being there" in his time of need. They say they're going to be friends, but we know they're going to be much more. 

Back at the ZBZ house, the girls prepare for the fairy-tale costume party. They realize that they can't be linked to the fire without any hard evidence! But then they found out that Ashleigh has held on to Katherine's clipboard with the votes from Songfest. They decide they have to get rid of the evidence, and hiding it somewhere isn't ideal, so they decide to bury it in the woods. That's where we come back to the opening scene of the girls in their party costumes burying something in the woods - it's the clipboard and the incriminating evidence. Hopefully the worst is behind them, and they head to the party to make an appearance of support for the Gamma Psis.

At the party, Cappie escorts Casey outside and apologizes for being distant and Casey confesses everything to him! The tension between them seems to slip away. Inside, Grant makes a grand gesture. He tells Calvin that he's less concerned about what people think and more concerned about losing Calvin. He asks him to dance and everyone watches, somewhat confused, but presumably supportive... so we think...The next morning, Grant and Calvin wake up to find two tiaras outside their room. Calvin assumes it's a cute joke, but Grant is offended and not taking it so lightly. 

Asides: Evan and Rebecca almost kiss on the dance floor, but he is distracted when he sees Casey and Cappie dancing nearby. Heath shows up at the Kappa Tau house - it turns out that he failed all of his finals since he was so depressed about the brothers being expelled - so he's not graduating for another semester. And Rusty and Dale get a message on their answering machine about the results of their Innovation in Engineering competition - Rusty is the winner! 

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Greek Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Casey: I burned down the Gamma Psi house.
Cappie: What?
Casey: After Songfest, we went over there to find Katherine's clipboard, but it was dark so Rebecca lit a jasmine candle, and then hot fireman confirmed it was us, and we got away with it until Ashleigh kept the clipboard and you can't put it in your trunk because of Scrubs, so we buried it and I lost my tiara!

Cappie: How about I go as the big bad wolf and you can go as the grandma.
Casey: Um, the whole reason that sororities throw parties is so girls can look hot and slutty, not old.